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    Full detail guide to Reaver class [Outdated - Pre-U9]

    A full detail guide to Reaver

    NOTE: All this content is from before Update 9, and I haven't played Reaver enough since then to know how and what to update it with, it awaits the community to contribute to it from here on

    Hey folks, nice to see you all again o/

    I made this back in August and only just thought to update it for Rohan and update 9, not much needs changing luckily, so I thought I'd just pop in and change it a bit. Also a word, back in the beginning of Rohan I made a post about nerfing Reaver's, about this: I was slightly delusional at the sight of Reaver's pwning everything up when freeps hadn't any proper gear or anything, and I was all maxed out and ready to go, now Update 9 is here and everyone has gear and some nice shiny new jewels, everything seems back to normal and balanced for us Reavers.

    Anyway, onwards!

    Chapter 1. Starting your reaver

    I. Greenie ninja tactic

    Making infamy on a new reaver is a tiring task, but not a near impossible one like defiler, to start off you can do some quests, and if the main action is something like EC, STA, OC, your time to shine is when someone is near death. You can charge in and get about 10-30 infamy if you get Devastating strike and a couple of uses of Sudden Strikes in. This tactic, however, will only last you until about Rank 5, then you will probably be more useful in raids, and solo.

    II. What skills and traits to buy

    Many new players I've known since Update 6 and the introduction of commendations, always ask the same question: "What skills should I buy first?" They always get annoyed because they cannot buy on-rank skills, nor can they know which ones they should and shouldn't buy first. Well, here's a list of what I'd recommend buying first and when to buy the less essential skills and traits.

    • 1. Quick strikes. If you're a greenie and you're charging in and out for kills this is essential
    • 2. Devastating Strike trait. This is a very good improvement on the cooldown if you're still ninjaing. You'll be about R3 by this time
    • 3. Ravage. You'll be just into R4 likely by this time, and you'll be needing new skills to kill with
    • 4. Disarm. A very useful skill in fighting many classes.
    • 5. Gut punch. You should be R5 now, and this is a skill for every reaver, I will tell you why later in the post.
    • 6. Sundering blow. This reduces the armor value of any class by quite a lot. A very good skill indeed.

    Wondering why I didn't list Burning Blades for fire damage? Well, of late, freeps stack a lot of tactical mitigations, like a real lot, and since burning blades induces fire damage, and there are so many items increasing tactical mits, that they're way up higher than physical mitigations. So basically I recommend not slotting burning blades, because the majority of the time you'll be doing WAY more damage than you would if you did slot it. Try it and see! (More info located in this post.)

    After you've done these, I think you'll know what to buy and what you want, I'll leave all that to you. If you plan on buying some skills/traits from the LOTRO store, I'd recommend first getting Impale, then Thrash, then the rest is just give or take, not too important, if you're for 1v1s though I would highly recommend getting Improved Hamstring.

    III. Corruption traits? ASIUHASIUHASIHAG

    Corruptions are an extremely important core of your character once you get to a higher rank, so the way you choose these must be wisely. I'd recommend starting to work on them at around R3-5, that's when you'll start needing them.

    Okay, so corruptions are a hard thing to get around, each player has different tastes and opinions on them, my opinion is currently going with a lot of critical rating corruptions, usually 4 or 5, 1-2 health, or depending on the situation add some critical defence. But critical rating is currently VERY good, since it greatly improves our skills like impale, devastating strike, well, basically everything, including glory in victory heals. I would choose this over damage/mastery any day, currently

    Here is my corruption setup for soloing currently:

    1. Health for Damage 2
    2. Health for Power 2
    3. Critical rating
    4. Critical rating
    5. Critical rating
    6. Critical rating/Critical defence

    I change the last 2 around a lot depending on the situation, but this is a good beginner build, you can change around and try new ones out as you please, everyone's opinion is different!

    Alright, so that's the basics dealt with, by the time you've completed this page, you have the knowledge needed to be a super greenie!

    Chapter 2. Tactics and strategies

    I. Spinning

    This, my friends, is a thing that will confuddle your foes to an extent that they shall be making pictures of you with knives in your back! (Not in a literal sense). There are two ways to spin around your target, each in it's own decent way. The double click rotation, this takes the most practice and is useful for if a target is trying to kill you whilst running along. Pretty simple to do, but a bit tricky to grasp, just hold down both mouse buttons, and press A or D, depending which way you want to go. The double click gives you the speed as though you are running forward, but you cannot turn as fast, useful for running targets.

    The basic right click rotation is easy peasy, just hold right click and hold down D or A, and circle around your target. Good for moving targets as you don't walk as fast, but it is much easier to circle around your target. If you have trouble with doing these, I'd recommend sparring another creep with just auto attack and practicing circling around the other participant.

    II. Ravage, Gut punch, Thrash and Disarm

    This is good tactic for any Reaver's DPS speed. Makes a great combo of 2 of your most high damaging attacks. Example: Enter combat in a 1v1, pop debuffs etc, then start with the combo of: Ravage Gut punch, then Thrash and Disarm. The reason this is used is because if you pop gut punch after using a skill, it ignores the animation of said skill and goes straight on to the animation of gut punch, which is really quite fast. The same goes to disarm. If you pop Ravage, which is the skill with the longest animation, then pop gut punch, it will remove the animation of ravage making for a quick skill, same goes for Thrash and disarm. Or Thrash and Gut Punch, or Ravage and Disarm. Both are good! (That's if you actually HAVE Thrash, if not, Ravage gut punch and then Ravage disarm works too )

    III. Impale

    Well since Rohan and this was added a rotation is required for this. Saying that this is a beginner's guide, but maybe just in case you bought it from the store. This has a nice mechanic, because for each of your damage over times you have applied, it adds 25% of the damage you did in another damage interval, and this stacks for each of your damage over times.

    Depending on the situation you're going to want to make this different depending on classes. Let's start with the rotation though. For this is usually trait the Jagged Cut trait, which is a very good damage over time since Rohan, it does the same amount of damage as Laceration on a shorter cooldown, but it has -8s duration, so trait this! Okay, so the basic thing you're gonna do is: First use Laceration, this lasts the longest on the shortest cooldown, then use a Thrash-Gut punch combo, then Jagged cut, then mutilation (If you have it), then hit your impale button as hard as you can to make yourself seem more awesome, and you're done, now finish with whatever else you were doing.

    I'll post this here to save cluttering up the 1v1s list, those are big enough as it is. With Burglars, if they have any sense they're going to use Knives out once you've applied all your damage over times, so you may want to wait a couple of seconds just to make sure he doesn't pop it while your animation is going.


    You think charging into a bunch of freeps is suicide solo eh? Well it's not totally, charging as a reaver is art, you just need to get the right position and know what you're gonna do before going in there. Before charging in always remember to choose a target, and just nuke it with whatever you have, often people will help you when they see someone else charge. Best to attack a hunter, mini or RK though, if you're charging in, light or medium armour class that isn't burg or warden. If the odd chance that someone is healing your target, you're not gonna take it solo. Try and run back to a safe place and recover, then try another target. Oh and, if you know what's good for you, if you're solo? Don't ever charge head on into a ton of freeps, do it from behind. (I know it sounded wrong, yes!)

    V. Wrap up

    That's all I am going to share for tactics and the sorts. But a few other things. Never use charge to travel around the map, if you encounter a freep, charge is useful to have off cooldown. To dismount freeps, use charge, blade toss it (If you have it), and then ravage and gut punch, the blade toss nor the ravage is essential, just the blade toss slows them down and helps to catch, and the ravage is good for the instant animation. If you have anything you'd like me to add to this guide, do tell me. If you think I'm wrong on something, do tell me. If you want to say you want me to go throw my swords at someone else. Get lost.

    Chapter 3. Spars and general 1v1 encounters

    Bah! Who am I kidding? What's a class guide without 1v1 know-how? I wouldn't be a very good Reaver if I didn't know how to 1v1, now would I!

    I. Basics of sparring

    Alright, so I'll tell you the basic rules of sparring. At your spar area, there'll be players, no one attacking each other, except in 1 versus 1. To engage yourself in a spar, jump at the player, if they jump back, give them time to enable any buffs they need to, and then you enable yours, you charge and you pwn. About using 'Unfair skills', if a Lore-Master pops big heal, (WOTC), you can use one of your two skills such as Against the Odds, or Dying Rage. Touch and go, Pledge, the lot of it, if one of them pop their "I win skills", you pop yours. Of course you can pop yours, but they'll likely pop theirs if you do. So that's that.

    II. Slaughtering the Classes

    Alright, I shall give you a list of classes, and tactics on beating them, they don't give instant wins, they're just know hows and what to practice doing.

    • Burglar: Alright me maties, this is an interesting fight, since they have quite a few skills against Reaver. The burglar will first stealth before sparring. Once he comes out of stealth, you're going to want to pop Blinding Dust and if you feel the need, Sundering blow, and always keep DOTs and slows on. Just go on with normal tactics, until he pops Knives Out, which reflects 30% of the damage you do to you, and sets their inc damage to 20%. When they use this, just pop hamstring, and kite it for the duration, the icon (So you know it) is a Red backgrounded man in black, with 2 knives sticking up, easy to recognize. After that just continue killing it as normal, if it pops Touch and go, green background icon with black dressed guy, another kite session for 30s, your hits will do next to nothing, because it will keep evading, just try to kite and slow the best you can, (Improved hamstring trait is good for this), once it's over, just nuke it. If it uses hips, just try to get out of combat and recover as much as you can. Cause it'll be tough. That's all for burglar, an easy fight though, because most burglars aren't very good, once you get used to the kiting it's quite easy.

    • Captain: If the Captain in this fight is good, he will be extremely hard to kill, so don't be afraid to use everything you have. He will have stacked Tactical mitigations and have vitality gear for when he starts the spar, when he goes down in morale he'll change to might and crit, making this rather tricky, but captains can do this because their heals make it a slow fight. Just keep Sundering Blow on, slows on, and nuke with your rotation, and it'll soon drop, but this fight also depends on how many crits the captain gets due to heals, other than that, just DPS down normally.

    • Champion: This is a nice fight because Champions and Reavers are about equally balanced classes, and also both the same design as each other! Since Rohan a lot has changed. They can use bubbles, dire need, and the rest of their skills, and you still have a chance of winning. Just pop Sundering blow, dust, then a slow to start with, then start your rotation, but be aware that if you disarm they have a skill to remove that and it also gives them a nice armour boost, so use this at an opportune moment. Other than that, just DPS him down and enjoy the ride!

    • Minstrel: This is a hard fight I find. It all depends on how fast you can nuke down, damage corruptions are good for this. Keep Sundering blow and Hamstring on, beware that disarm is as good as useless for this fight too. If it fears you don't be afraid to pot it, lots more where those came from, and it'll likely kite you. Try and keep Gut punch to interrupt heals, and just nuke it down, once you get Devastating strike it'll get easier, once this is on do all you can, impale also helps in this. Other than that just enjoy a long fight of heals and screaming!

    • Lore-Master: Lore-master is a tricky fight since Rohan because most of them spam water-lore, if they do you won't have much of a chance without wrath. If they spam water-lore which is a big heal, leave wrath until you're on lowish morale then just spam sudden strikes and your big attacks until you're high up again, otherwise it'll be quite hard. You'll want to save Resilience until the Lore-master gets to low morale, like, low enough so you can kill the Lore-master in ~10 seconds. If the Lore-master uses Wisdom of the Council (Almost full morale heal) Feel free to use Against the odds if you have it, if not just hope you have dev strike debuff on when he uses it. Think that's it for Lore-masters.. Devilish things
    • Hunter: Hunter! The most beginner fight, because Hunters are rather underpowered and easy to kill, and hard to play, but devilish things if they ARE played well. Just keep slows on, dust, and nuke to pieces and enjoy!

    • Runekeeper: Rune-keepers are weak little things since Rohan... Unless of course they just spam heal until you die a slow, horrible death. The basics of this fight are: Nuke. Don't withhold anything until low morale, everything except for devastating strike which you'll want to use when it's on ~2-3k morale, otherwise it may heal up which would prove deadly without the debuff. Beware for Armour of Storm which you will know if it uses, it dazes a LOT, but you should be able to DPS through it, or if you prefer, use resilience. Other than that just study their movements and adapt yourself to that fight-style, because they have a lot of different ways to fight. Remember to always try and play fair if you can!

    • Warden: Aha! The Warden... Devilish things.. Before sparring or even charging these in the open, check something, check their stance, if they have a buff that gives them +600 block and parry rating, do NOT spar them, you'll die a horrible death and they won't lose any morale... Or the Warden will be terrible and die to you anyway Spear and Javelin wardens are a basic but tough fight though, pop sundering blow, dust, and if you have it, upper hand, I tend not to use Wrath unless they pop life taps, which are big heals, but if he just stacks DoTs and you just nuke, should be quite a nice very quick fight. if they have an animation of a spear spinning around their head for about 5 seconds. Pop slows, and kite, they'll get +40% mits and you'll do next to nothing to them, just kite and wait for the 30s duration then nuke again, other than that, I don't think there is anything else.

    • Guardian: The guardian, this is a simple fight, again, pop dust, sundering blow, keep slows on all the time and just nuke him all down, if he uses pledge, which you'll know of because he'll block parry and evade many attacks.. Just put slows on and kite, until it's over, there's nothing you can do other than slash at a brick wall. That's it, guardians are simple!

    That's it for classes, I think, if I've left anything out, feel free to just tell me, and I'll edit it.


    Well thanks for reading my guide, been asked a lot by some newbies lately about Reaver, so thought I'd just make it, sorry if it looks a bit sloppy in places, I did my best. If you want feel free to ask me in-game on Snowbourn or send a PM for any further questions. And I hope you enjoy playing Reaver as much as I have, and good luck in one day becoming a first class Reaver and Monster player!

    Cheers for reading, Olog.
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