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I completly disagree with you

1) Having a healing class that can disable enemy healing classes is lame and makes for extremely bad gameplay, especially in the current environment where both heals and healing reductions are important

2) Currently Creep raids are mostly WL and Reaver stacked. The goal for the next update, apart from balancing DPS, healing, morale and migitations between sides should be to encourage the use of all classes equally (on both sides), not to give an extremely powerful buff to the already most used class (meaning the class that fills most spots in competitive raids)

3) I think a decent Defiler revamp, along with buffs to Wargs, BAs and Spiders and nerfs to certain Freep classes (and/or trait lines) will make the Moors experience much better - WLs are currently the last Creep class to.need a buff (apart from the already mentioned equalization of base stats)
I disagree completely. Creeps need more ways to tackle freep healing.

Most raids are not WL and Reaver stacked. Reavers are rarer now than they were, I find.

WLs need a revamp as much as, if not more, than any other creep class.