Okay, I think the changes to Quitters Never Win, Banner of Terror/Horror, Purge, and Snap Out of It will be great. More healing, debuffs, and anti-crowd control. Fantastic. It seems cooldown skills got all the improvements, so I suppose a warleader in a no-cooldown 1v1 will still be just as screwed, but personally, given how terrible the warleader regular rotation is, I suggest warleaders never agree to no-cooldown fights. Of course, there are always people who take it for granted that they have a right to dictate to everyone else what skills they can and can't use.

I think Shield Bash misses the mark, though. Melee skills are mostly PvE skills. They have some use PvP, of course, but a third heal on the regular rotation, without an induction, would've been infinitely more useful. Or even just another shout. More shouts means more chances for shout criticals means more chances to actually get heals off. Probably the most useful warleader melee skill will still be fracture. Better a reliable interrupt (if timed correctly) than an unreliable stun.