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    Hey guys, question about servers :)

    Hey guys, I haven't played Lotro in several months now and am looking to start back up again. I'm considering starting completely from scratch and am looking for suggestions on an RP server. I believe Laurelin or Landroval, right? I currently have some turbine store stuff on Landroval, but I'm not attached to any of it (I can get it again if necessary, no big deal), and my highest level character is only like level 20 anyway.

    I'm looking to get into roleplaying, either a shieldmaiden of Rohan or an elf somethingorother (warden or hunter, haven't decided!). I've decided that I think I want to limit myself to one character and just focus on roleplaying.

    So what are the pros and cons of each server? Thanks guys

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    Welcome back to Middle-earth and possibly welcome to Laurelin!

    Landroval and Laurelin are two very different servers and in my opinion, easily someone can tell the difference between them and get a good ''taste'' of what to expect in each server, before even joining.

    Have a look for youself, at their RP webportals and forums and compare. See what you like best, what do you think it will be more enjoyable to experience

    Laurelin Archives and the forum for Laurelin and Landroval Times and the forum for Landroval

    I would also like to add in case you dont know that Laurelin is actually the only Official English RP Server and has the extra set of rules, such as separate naming and chat rules to preserve the atmosphere of the Lord of the Rings
    (You can read about Turbine's official Roleplaying rules and policy in this thread)

    Landroval, while it has a lot of rp going on, its not an official RP server, thus it doesnt benefit from the extra set of rules.

    A result of that is that you will se a lot of ridiculous names there, while on Laurelin, not so much really and even if you do, they dont last for long before they get changed
    Also from what i have seen/experienced/read and from what others say, many times non-rpers have no respect for those who do enjoy roleplay on Landroval and try to ruin the events and disturb roleplayers with a number of different ways
    On Laurelin, i have yet to see, not even one disturbing/griefing those who roleplay. Even if someone does, i have read that, they get a warning for a start and if they continue, then even a block from the RP Server/s

    Also last but not least something that you will notice as well, as you look at the RP webportals and the forums of those servers, the kind of Roleplay is different on each server. I will not go further in details as its obvious

    If you join Laurelin, feel free to drop me a tell and say a 'hi' if you like, or just want to talk with more people during your playtime

    [CENTER][URL="http://laurelinarchives.org/node/12497"]A place in-game for all fans [SIZE=1](and roleplayers)[/SIZE] of Tolkien's world. Enter friends and experience Middle-earth.[/URL][/CENTER]

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    Thanks for the reply. I've already chosen Laurelin. I wish I could transfer characters from Landroval to Laurelin and get my cosmetics back, though lol.

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    Welcome to Laurelin then! I believe you will certainly like it here. Btw feel free to drop me a tell in-game if you want
    [CENTER][URL="http://laurelinarchives.org/node/12497"]A place in-game for all fans [SIZE=1](and roleplayers)[/SIZE] of Tolkien's world. Enter friends and experience Middle-earth.[/URL][/CENTER]



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