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    Heralds get better right?

    Howdy, playing my first Captain and I have a question on the herald. Does he always look like a peasant and does he always carry that dang flag (gets in the way)? I'm lvl 17 and enjoying this class. Is there a way to change my herald's appearance.

    I've seen high level captains with ghosts but that's for another discussion

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    Once your captain is level 20, he can equip "armaments" which change the cosmetics of your herald / archer. They also provide a minor armor buff. If you want to see the costmetics, check out http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Herald . It seems a little out of date, but has most of the images. If you go instead to http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Category:Captain_Pets , you can click on each costmetic type to get a slightly better image of each.

    Edit: Make friends with a Tailor to get the armament with the graphic you want.

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    Heralds get better...kinda

    As stated above, armaments will change the cosmetic appearance and armor value of your herald. The "Ghost" herald you refer to is a special cosmetic appearance given by a legendary trait.

    After lvl 25? captains may choose to use their herald, or a stationary banner. You get 3 banner "flavors," just like you do with heralds. Hope for ICMR, War for Might and Agility, and Victory for Power and ICPR. The banners give slightly stronger buffs than the heralds, and all provide buffs to total morale and your Mastery rating (cant remember if it's Physical or Tactical Mastery, tho).

    While soloing, heralds are usually your best bet, since they can attack (a little), they can heal you (a little, occasionally) and you don't have to re-plant them every time you meet a mob. In skirmishes and raids, banners are usually better, especially against bosses.

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    Lotro has too many hotbars as it is, and I don't want another for my pet. Consequently, I just use the banner. And so far, it has been just fine for soloing.

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    The banners give slightly stronger buffs than the heralds
    Kind of true. Your herald (and his buffs) is always 2 levels below you. Your standard doesn't change. So at 30 and 31 the lvl 30 standard has stronger buffs. At 32 they're the same and by 33 the herald is stronger.

    Unless you were talking about the physical mastery buff on the captain himself. I'm not sure how much this increases the captain dps vs using a herald.

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    When RoR releases, the level difference in the buffs is going to evaporate (per the class Dev diary).
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    This is for lvl 74+ captains only, but I'm excited about the prospect of gaining 100% uptime, -15% Attack Duration BladeBro SoW buff from my herald. That combined with his level change might get me to use him while soloing.
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    When RoR releases, the level difference in the buffs is going to evaporate (per the class Dev diary).
    I saw that. Does this mean banners are going to become more situational? No more forgetting to drop it? Obviously the banner is still the way to go when you have to be sensitive about pulling mobs but I'd say that's a pretty big boost for Heralds.

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    The flag sticks around, depending on the herald you use.

    So like your archer will have a bow. Your herald of hope, no matter the armament you use will have the hope flag.
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    The common damage pretty much relegates a herald to easy landscape content.

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    The common damage pretty much relegates a herald to easy landscape content.
    Ah, had forgotten about that. If they ever change that it'll be a good day for the Herald.

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    With pvp damage now being balanced around 14-15 audacity (60%dmg reduction?) I wonder if pets should also share some portion of the players audacity.

    Double edged sword though. (flies are bad enough)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mad_ox1 View Post
    The common damage pretty much relegates a herald to easy landscape content.
    Only thing my herald was good for was getting my shield-brother traits faster. Once I had all the deeds done I took my banner and never looked back.
    Archer still is nice though, really wished I had access to him earlier in the game, since he could at least hold aggro unlike his counterpart.

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    I rarely say this, because it makes me sound like a testosterone fueled 15 year old who knows everything apart from his own level of ignorance:-)

    Learn to play the herald. I came to Captain from LM and to me the herald is just another pet to watch, drive and use. If it doesn't get aggro be patient, give it a chance. I can use the herald to hold a couple while I dispose of their oops before moving in, just like you might do with a bear. By comparison the banner is limited but you can still drop one if the herald buys it, you do however lose an attack one the herald is out of it.
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