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    Xellor Rank 8 Already??

    Grats Xellor! I feel like it was only last week that you were rank 6...because it was.

    You're crazy, and a great RK! Keep it up.

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    Sep 2010
    gratz xellor
    in my opinion you are the best rk in moors nowadays

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    Aug 2007
    somewhere between this world and the next...
    Years of pent-up frustration from being a low-dps cappy in the moors has brought out a monster!!!
    Threndinir - Retired Old Dwarf

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    Quote Originally Posted by spiritintelligencia View Post
    Years of pent-up frustration from being a low-dps cappy in the moors has brought out a monster!!!
    LOL Thrend!

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    Chocla 95 Minstrel (Fail Ezmoder) ~ Kraurshak R7 Warg (GTA 1v1 Ganker) ~ Qqmoarpls 41 Hunter
    "if i wanted i could go and actually become a lawyer " -belv

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    Jerk... beating me to rank...

    *grumble grumble*

    Talk to me when you can heal.

    *grumble grumble*

    ((Seriously, though: Gratz!))
    Lythiea of Dwarrowdelf, Member of Asylum - R8 85 RK
    Alts: Selenicereus, 85 guard, Castria, 85 cap, Fiordiligi, 82 LM, Minilyth, 75 mini, and Lythfiler, r6 filer.

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    Gratz my son, don't catch up to your dad now >.>
    First Marshal Aenise - Level 115 Burglar
    Member of Situational Awareness http://situational-awareness.net/
    Check out my PvMP videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZV...fuVom6u7V9nDtw

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    A very good cappy and rk.

    You should try your hand at creep.

    You will finally have a chance to fight the real bad guys.
    {Bbatburz, Ssuperburz, Ssupermann}
    What audacity does to new players who come to the Moors: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ezg4sr67OGA

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    Sep 2011
    AFK in Dol Amroth
    im gonna have to keep sparring you for taking what little kills i get...

    grats though!

    you get all the kbs on your cappy...

    ....and now with your rk too??....
    Fellowship Hadacar: I now have a mental image of a little pea with a NE Patriot's logo painted on it.
    Professional AFKer.



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