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    Gratz Zangarang on R8

    Gratz man, you deserve it! Glad i was able to help you reach R8.
    Keep on Murderizing.

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    Behind you
    Grats Zang!

    Burzan aka Trompok(BW) - R14 Reaver
    Looks like meat's back on the menu boys!

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    In the weight room

    Thumbs up

    Congratz Zang!

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    I really can't say I'm glad to have to fight against a r8 wl =P.... but gratz anyway

    "I'm a monster, I'm a killer....I'm a problem that'll never ever be solved."

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    keep questing for next rank...

    grats btw
    Crickhollow - Scratzod r6 Champ - Scratzw r7 Burg - / Healpot r7 Defiler
    Brandywine - Pinha r8 Spider - Litleponey r9 Reaver / Qris-1 r11 miniEzmode

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    Gratz to a very skilled WL, there are so few high ranked WL's left. Anyways, congratz

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    GRATS bro for rank 8. Well deserved. You earned it 100%. In a month not only you managed to hit r8 on a class that cant roam around solo and farm noobs like a mini with a horse would (pun intented) but you made a good name for yourself in the battlefield too. And most important (to me at least) you ve been the best company one could ever ask for.

    Plus for anyone who thinks u pved to r8 check this...

    10k daily infamy gained.. Even if u got 3k inf from pveing (around the max u can get from doing every q i think) u still outdid almost all creeps and freeps.

    Anyway this is your grats post and not a general qq about creeps gaining infamy pveing (like freeps dont gain gear and skills questing in the safety of a non pvp zone or like there arent freep qs for reknown or more important stuff to talk about like a certain cappy farming his creeps for ez reknown to rank etc).. So GRATS again man! Onwards to r9 for ROR
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    Grats Zang for a well deserved Rank. always a pleasure to run with you

    Save that bubble when you walk passed EC, you never know i might be coming out!
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    gratz man. thanks in part to you i came back to the moors. things have been alot of fun lately with the dual WL.


    Tinybaggie r8, Fiestyspitter r6,Traind r8, Jaydyn r6, Thistledown r6

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    Zang... Great job seems like just a little while ago you were a new WL just figuring it out.. And bam your rank 8 good job and congratulations... You have become an even bigger target now And a big good job to all of you guys n girls on creep side thanks for hanging in there and making this game alot of fun.. I am sure i speak for a few others as well...

    have fun

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    Sorry I"m a little late in posting, but gratz on the rank!!!
    Disenchanted, LM
    “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” ~Albert Einstein

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    Gratz , now its on to 9 ./salute
    ( R13 LM Savvii Arkenstone )( R13 Defiler Ghankstar Landroval )

    Those who are unaware they are walking in darkness will never seek the light - Bruce Lee

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    Grats on R8!

    You are not just a responsible and intelligent player but more importantly, a fun guy to hang out with.

    WL KBs FTW!

    ~ Bo



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