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    Last stand and Command PVP set

    Hi guys, how long is last stand after the 3 piece pvp command set is use?

    Is the command set of any use in PVE?
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    It's 15mins * (1-0.25)= 11mins 15s CD.

    Command set is excellent for PvE... because of the 5-piece bonus essentially adding another Telling Mark (non stacking) to your target as long as you keep up Sure Strike. The 3-piece bonus is lagniappe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by weiminc38 View Post
    Is the command set of any use in PVE?
    Depends on the PvE you are talking about. Command is not great solo or in 3 mans (Dagor/Perseverence is best generic set there IMHO). In raids, Command is generally the best possible set -- you are adding 10% to raid DPS. But I believe Command SS debuff doesn't stack, so only really useful for 1 out of 2 Raid captains when DPS is targetting a single boss to burn down, which is normally the case. In 6 mans, might be good, might not...



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