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    My Character's story video: Necromancer's Army

    I made this video 3 years ago which introduces my character and my (character's) friends throughout a long video series.
    Only 3 were made out of the planned 20, but even from that three, the last two were lost.
    When I thought the first one was lost as well, I accidentaly stumbled upon it on another site.
    I decided to reboot the whole series. These new episodes will last 10 minutes as well, just like the previous ones.

    Story: Aayla's daughter, Dirael, travel to her friends for playing in the wild. Dirael hearing something strange and found a crebain. She follow the bird, and a Nazgul stopped her. The Nazgul killed Dirael. Aayla saw this sitaution in her dream and she go and find signs and travel to Rivendell. The dream is true, Dirael dead. Aayla want to search and kill the Nazgul and she hope, her daughter is alive somewhere. The road is long, and dangerous...
    Get ready for the epic adventure!

    So here is the lost-and-found first part, hope you enjoy it!
    Any comments regarding the video would be appreciated here!

    P.S.: Sorry for the bad video quality and sounds, it was quite a long ago this was created.

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    Good news! Next episode coming soon, if anyone in interested.

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    Nice video!
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