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    Combining Perseverence set + Loyalty set for PVE/PVP

    hi guys, does anyone of you combine the perserverence set and the loyalty set for pvp/pve?

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    For PvP, that's probably a pretty decent combination. I don't recall what the 5-piece bonuses for any of the PvP sets are, but the 3-piece bonuses are good enough on all of them that getting two at once is a pretty solid benefit.

    For PvE, though, you're sacrificing too many stat points to Audacity (which does nothing outside the Moors), plus the Pers set bonus is almost wasted if you don't pair it with Dagor to speed up your defeat event engine even further. That said, both set bonuses are still just as useful in PvE as they are in PvP, and if your other gear is good enough you may not notice the lower stats on your armour.

    EDIT: Just realised I was mixing up Loyalty and Command. The Loyalty 3-piece bonus is honestly not that great. Outside PvP, you shouldn't need to rez in-combat often enough to make that bonus useful... The only place I can think of where that might be handy is Saruman, if your group is still learning it.

    Also, I was mistaken about what the Command set's 3-piece bonus is. It's the 5-piece bpnus from Command that's really worth using.

    So, revising my previous advice: apart from using 5 pieces of Command, the only really good PvE build that incorporates PvP armour sets is Dagor/Pers. The utility of Pers in PvE goes way down if it's not paired with Dagor, and neither of the other PvP sets have 3-piece bonuses that are useful in PvE.
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    I personally got 3 Perseverence, 5 Command. I generally wear 3 Perseverence, 3 Command in the moors. If we are trying to blow up a Tyrant as fast as possible, I switch to 5 command. In PvE, I wear 3 Perseverence, 3 Dagor if doing LtC solo/3 man/6 man, and usually use 5 Command in raids... The Loyalty bonuses are not great IMHO. Escape from darkness cooldown is very nice, though if things are going sour in PvP I fairly often don't have time to stand there and get off the induction.

    Bear in mind that any set you get is trade in fodder in less than 2 months, and you'll only get a 10% discount for trading it in, so if it will take you close to 2 months to get the sets may want to save some of your commendations for after the level jump...

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    Thanks guys, which 3 pieces of dagor do you use with which 3 pieces of perserverence?

    Also, why use dagor with per? Why not use Menaistaid or Tognir with per?
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    Perssonaly, i would use 3 perserverence+3 loyalty for stuff like acid t2 or other orthanc t2 stuff to have a rez always available and a rallying cry that will always be off cool down. But for easier stuff like foundry, 3 mans or t1 orthancs, i would use 3 dagor/3 perserverence. "Why not menistead or tognir?" The 3 piece bonuses are not that desiresble and with the dagor you will pretty much get defeat responses all the time. Also i never really saw the benifets to the menistead, and the only reason i would use the tognir is to tank or for the +600 tactical mitigation with motivating speech.

    Dont pvp much, but the 3/3 combo seems like it would work. The 5 piece might be more desireable though.

    Edit: Use dagor gautlets/helm/shoulders and perserverence boots/chest/legs. Thats my favorite combo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by weiminc38 View Post
    Also, why use dagor with per? Why not use Menaistaid or Tognir with per?
    3 Piece Dagor and 3 piece Perseverence have nice synergy in their bonuses with LtC. 3 piece dagor drops Shadow's Lament cooldown. 3 piece Perseverence drops SL and Rallying Cry cooldowns. LtC makes SL ungated, makes it onlock the battle ready chain, and adds to your crit. As a result, you run lots of crit chains, get lots of crits, do lots of damage, and get lots of rallying cries. And Rallying cry is never on cooldown...

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    Eh, personally for me, I have 2 piece loyalty on my quickbars and my 2 piece perseverance on my quickbars as well. I will switch them out when fighting BAs or doing Solos. I will quick switch IF I get a crit on PA or DB or defeat something, other than that, I switch out the breastplate and gloves, the loyalty breastplate has finesse on it while the pers does not.... plus the additional tact mit works well against wargs, spiders, and BAs. So usually switch when falling back or being kited... I think that if someone solely runs with just one setup of armor, they are limiting themselves. I understand however that not everyone can have multiple sets of armor to switch from, just saying its a good idea, and obviously situational in practice.



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