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    Any tips on Elf emotions???

    Hello all,
    Throughout all my time devoted to learning the lore of LOTR, I have found myself with an unquelling passion for Elves; no matter how limited the capacity is for RP. However I find an issue with how much emotion I am supposed to give them. My main Elf is basically a linguist, and scholar. Cold, but not un-friendly, and knowledgeable. But there are times, and situations where he gets angry. Quite angry. Is that alright to do? Because Elves are very complicated to RP, at least as I have heard.

    I am not new to RP itself, or to the lore of the Elves. But their basic temperment, and conversational choice, along with display of emotion has eluded me.

    And, and all help would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

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    Well, Elves, just like Men (and hobbits and dwarves), have their own personalities. Some are cooler and some are hotter in temperament than others.

    Elves can become wrathful, even in the Third Age- Thranduil is a good example of that- or they can be more light-hearted even in the face of danger, like Legolas at Caradhras. It is my opinion that Feanor-type wrath would be rarer amongst Elves in the Third Age since they, as a species, are older and wiser (and many of those stingy Noldor have sailed West), /but/ that it is not necessarily extinct... I imagine Elladan and Elrohir slaying orcs ruthlessly for years after their mother's passing to the West was not the most cool-headed thing, for instance.

    This is just my opinion. Some folks may have different ones. But Elves would be right boring if they all had the same temperaments

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    The way i see it, Elves being immortal, would greatly differ from other races in their perception of time. It might be the reason why the Elves are so often regarded as remote, they simply cannot pay as much attention to the fleeting events as do the mortal races
    And i think elves do not need to "say" how they feel because their emotions are absorbed

    In the Hobbit, the Elves of Mirkwood for example, certainly did not appear to be a sombre or sad folk. The elves of Rivendell were depicted as being lighthearted and the Woodelves continuous partying and boisterous behavior really clashes with the image of Elves in LotR and parts of the Silmarillion. That was due to Tolkien’s continuous evolution of his vision of Middle-earth and its peoples, though

    Also another example to look at, would be Legolas. As i see him, he expresses these Elvish qualities: a desire for knowledge and beauty and light-hearted joy. (makes sense if we assume that he is relatively young)
    He is sometimes like a little boy as well
    But that's just one aspect of his many-faceted character

    So there are a lot of opportunities and ideas about roleplaying an elf

    Anyway, i am sure there are others who know more and might reply here.

    By the way if you see me in-game feel free to drop me a tell

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