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Thread: I wantz 1v1z

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    I wantz 1v1z

    Hey all!

    Was wondering if I can get anyone to do some 1v1s with me since most ppl run away from me now unless they got a whole zergball behind them.

    Anyway, if you're willing to give it a try tell me

    (Excessively healing minis, crazy rks, and shield wardens be warned, if the fight isn't close I most likely want to try again, but I'm still willing to try at least once.)

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    Mar 2011
    CT, USA
    Oh pick me

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    You know I'm always up for a 1v1

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    Aug 2011
    New Zealand
    Veenom I'll always be up for a 1v1, even if you tend to make me switch stances over and over.... and over....!

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    I would 1v1 spiders but they eat their babies for health and its scary

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    But they do it willingly..... And I need to stay alive so I can avenge them... even though I really am why they died.... I'm not helping am I.......



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