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Thread: Ost Dunhoth T2

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    Ost Dunhoth T2

    I will start with saying that I've been part of the Firefoot raiding community for over a year now, and while my kinship isn't all that well known we tend to be very self sufficient. Unfortunately my kinship joined the raiding scene later than most and as a result has have very little time spent within the walls of Ost Dunhoth. As of late we have been farming more and more kinmates through ToO trying to get more able bodies geared for attempts at T2 and as a result any interest in OD has dwindled to pretty much myself and a cappy looking to complete meta-deeds.

    I was wondering if myself and aforementioned cappy are all that's left of the fandom of OD, or are there others that are looking to complete the raid on T2 as well (for deeds/hear/titles/glory) and be willing to psuedo-Pug. I'm willing to lead the raid (admittingly only ever read tactics but I think ive got a good handle on the mechanics) and I'm looking for people that are willing to join in for the fun and challenge (even with 75's) of completing OD T2.

    Please reply here or contact me I game (usually on every night) if you are up to the challenge.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Count me in whenever you see me online (and not in fellowship). Honestly, i'm a completionist and my main - Deirdreth - needs to do some of those wings on t2. My second (and newbie) 7 toon is on Valks too - Enebro - and he is in hunger for deeds =D.
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    Hi i would love to run some OD T1 or T2 because i need 5 pieces for cappy (awesome clicky set) so ill be on either belodor, prentenassa, remisington, or birune, shoot me up a tell on any of my toons and ill be down for it.



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