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Thread: Highest dmg

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    Highest dmg

    As the title says, whats the highest dmg you have done with your captain?

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    it really depends on how you are traited. anywhere from 600 to 2500 on a crit.

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    8k something in Acid T2 zerg. 3 burgs, perfect circumstances, cherry picked, etc.
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    I think I had a devastate around 7.5k or so once..

    Most crits tend to be in the 2-4k range.
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    i dont get big numbers. no where near what other post (though, i dont watch for them either!).

    however, i consistantly crit for 1.5-2k on nearly every mob... really knocks em out fast considering most mobs are ~4k (i cant remember, havnt played end-game much this year)

    i hear about Hunters and RKs putting up these huge numbers, but they are almost always overkill. so what if you get a 7k hit when a 4k-health mob is down to its last 1,000 morale! most those big hits take serious warmup and by the time you prime the pump, the mob is almost dead. now, if a Hunter or RK could OPEN with a 7k shot as consitently as we crit, then id listen to all the hype.

    just my gut talking, as usual.

    edit: forgot to answer! ~4,500 is the biggest ive noticed. solo, not raid buffed/debuffed.
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