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    Cool Shadowbane of Landroval is recruiting!


    If you are looking for a kinship, we invite you to consider Shadowbane, a kinship that has been active on Landroval since 2007. Landroval is a dynamic and exciting server and it's population remains stable. Shadowbane is a casual kinship with a wide range of activities, including regularly scheduled group nights and non-quest related events. We have regularly scheduled times to help kinmates level up their deeds and virtues and group together to help with Epic quests, skirmishes, big battles, and raids to improve and advance our characters.

    Landroval is an RP encouraged server; however, Shadowbane is not an RP kinship. We have many members that regularly participate in the server RP events and do lite RP but this is not mandatory. Most of our scheduled activities surround helping members level their characters, complete Chapter (Epic) quest lines and build their toons so they can be effective group members in our regular group nights and in other groups or raids they participate in. We have our own lives, and real life comes first. This is supposed to be entertainment, relaxing and enjoyable, not hard work. We have been a stable kinship on Landy for a lot of years. We've been selective and have a group of friendly, outgoing and helpful players, and rarely have drama among members.

    Most members play during afternoon, evening and late night hours (US time), and we are actively working on increasing the number of players who are on early morning hours. Groups and other activities are routinely scheduled for evenings but are also based on request and any member can schedule groups or raids they need help with and set the times. We also have players from many different time zones/regions around the world so it is common to see players on throughout the night.

    We have a very active website and newsletter so even if you log on at non-prime times, you can still know what is going on, and interact regularly with kin mates.

    Our motto is 'Victory through Solidarity' - we can accomplish anything with our friends at our side, and this carries through to all aspects of gaming!


    We are looking for active Landroval based players to join us. Alts are welcome to join along with your Main character. If you think you have leadership skills that would benefit the kin, mention that when you join.


    Kinship Hall, which serves as a gathering place and a neighborhood located near a vendor area where you can purchase items or repair at discounted prices.

    Full kinship amenities: Weekly kinship auctions; private chat channel for members & officers; member of a consortium of kinships whose members group/ raid / and do other non-quest related events together.

    Fully Stocked Vault: Our Vault is loaded with armor, weapons, crafting materials, rare crit items, cosmetics, and class quest items that usually can only be obtained by doing fellowship quests but are available for members to take, at no charge.

    Members at all levels and classes; Master crafters in all professions to help you out with armor, jewelry, weapons, potions, etc.

    Vent Server for the use of members, regularly used for groups, raids and non quest related kin events. Use of vent server is optional and for the benefit of members to be able to chat with one another if they want to.

    A fully functional (and very active) website which members use to communicate with one another and post help requests.

    Quarterly newsletter available via website or email, with updates, calendar w/upcoming events, & articles by members.

    If you have any questions, you can post them here, or visit us at

    If you prefer, you can contact an officer in game. We look forward to seeing you online and welcoming you!

    Safe Travels Friend!

    Shadowbane Membership
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    Elenia, 105, Minstrel
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    Shadowbane of Landroval, one of Landrovals oldest continuously active kinships, est. at launch 2007.


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    Welcome new and returning players! If you're looking for a kinship, please visit our website to see if Shadowbane is a good fit for you.

    We invite you to participate in our weekly groups & raids even if you are not ready to join but just want to do some group content and make new friends.

    With the new changes, anyone that has the Helm's Deep expansion can group with players for Big Battles, regardless of their level. Once in the instance you will be scaled to level 95 so you can participate. And don't worry about not being prepared....the skills necessary to be effective during Big Battles are all learned and leveled separately.

    This is a great new change that allows kinmates and friends to group together in some challenging content regardless of their level.

    Contact myself or any officer (listed on the website) with questions about our scheduled activities. All players, even non members, are free to join groups via our website calendar.

    Hope to see you ingame.

    Safe Travels.....
    Elenia, 105, Minstrel
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    Shadowbane of Landroval, one of Landrovals oldest continuously active kinships, est. at launch 2007.




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