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"One thing that’s become very apparent to us in our survey of the ‘moors is the disparity in damage and healing between Creeps and Freeps. Pound for pound, Creeps tend to get outgunned and outhealed compared to the kind of numbers Freeps can put out."
Funny that this is barely becoming apparent to them, its been apparent to most of the players for years. While there are some nice changes being made, reavers are still getting barely any attention. Only 3 skill revisions? They need alot more than that. Jagged Cut Application chance of bleed increased to 100%. That is one I have been waiting to see for a long time now, at least they did one thing right =). However only 2 skill revisions to defilers and 7 for wargs? Wargs are the best looking creep class atm, if they want to fix the "outhealed numbers" they need to do a whole lot more skill adding/polishing for defilers.
Agreed Pandabear. Then I logged in this evening and see the latest dev diary on the Mini update thats coming. Minis are getting an update!! Have to laugh at that one..they are getting better heals. So that will most likely negate any update to creep heals no doubt. I hope this is taken into account before RoR launches.