Hi Guys & Girls

There is a contentious issue regarding Multi Boxing and its game mechanics within this fine game of LOTRO.

Whilst personally i see no major wrong doing with Multi Boxing (whilst you are on Freep Side)

The issue I have a major concern and irritation with is the fact that some (and as always it is always the few who cause issues for the majority), are able to run with a Freep whilst logging in on their Creep in order to spy on what is going on in the OOC chat of Creep side then hunting down the Creeps with their Freep and earning extra Infamy - which obviously they really need help to do as surely don't have enough other buffs etc to contend with.

If Turbine was to put in something where if you are Multi Boxing, you can only play on one side and are barred from playing or viewing the other side, then that would stop the blatant 'Spying, Cheating' call it what you will.

It is not a wide spread issue from what I can tell, as I mentioned above, it is the few that are exploiting the game mechanics to their advantage, and it is an advantage to be able to spy on the other sides chat to see where they are to then decide whether or not they will hunt them down and kill them.

I would love to see those who are doing this unable to view the other side if they are logged in on one side.

For Your Consideration Turbine.


Take Care & have FUN