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Reinstate time limit lockout

Turbine, you need to reinstate the lock out that prevented players from flipping from freep to creep and vice versa.

I would also like it to go both directions... ie:

If your on your Creep, you can not bring any Freep to the moors for X amount of time.
If you are on your Freep (In the moors), you can not log into any creep for X amount of time.
30 minutes to 1 hour would work.

The changes you have proposed all look interesting. However, you need to address the problem of players flipping back and forth to either spy, fightclub, or take the map back.

This mechanic used to be in effect, you should be able to put it back in place fairly easy. Please do so.
+1 to this -- and if the devs don't want to put the lock-out timer back in, could they please explain why?

Overall, the changes look great, and this is coming from a freep-only player. I want giant battles and big reknown/infamy for both sides, and tons of fighting fun. These changes all seem to be encouraging lots of big battles, and medium ones too.