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Thread: Just dumb...

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    in this thread: nerf flies they ruin my power and i can't solo the 10 creeps i could solo if flies weren't op

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    Quote Originally Posted by New_Requiem View Post
    yea! get rid of flies!!! without flies you can u tank 20 npcs and melee class creeps with no problems
    The one filer is sitting in oc trying to put flies on the warden but cant cuz the warden is tanking the whole place while the champs/burgs are zerging the filer... Oh yea the knockback on filer skills is redic.. Put uncurable addle on the filer and my 1 sec induction turns into 1.75 with knockbacks/interupts... that turns into about 5-10secs/dead... If I get off flies you can avoid aggroing them by staying mobile (50% of the time i cast them and they just sit there :/)or worst case scenario run them off... OH btw mini fear is on a 30 sec cd, same as flies... Oh and this is all hypothetical because flies and blight both get resisted half the time...

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    Quote Originally Posted by New_Requiem View Post
    yea! get rid of flies!!! without flies you can u tank 20 npcs and melee class creeps with no problems
    Funny as we were not doing this before the flies.

    I never hurt no Creeps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pivik View Post
    Funny as we were not doing this before the flies.
    Wardens can do this with relative ease.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jakreal View Post
    ..... i dont even know where to start with you go look at what flies do... they go WAY past 30m in range, a filer standing on ta lawn.... i will have their flies chase my &&& almost all the way to ec maybe a little bit before and hang around for about 10-15 seconds til they reset. which is long enough to take a lot if not all remanding of power away.

    ... their induction is about a second... cooldown of 30 seconds for that skill that's equivalent to about nothing....

    -interrupts for wdns take 2 moves or more and most of the time miss.... uhhh....
    -i spam healing debuff move because it interupts and its 3 moves to build.... can only use healing debuff in melee range.... most of the time in moors im slow spammed....
    -the fear i get is only a chance ... 25% other traited... 50% fist traited... if i want to fist trait than i get a little less spear damage and more jav damage... which i rarely do... only trait that way to anoy people....

    if i was to 1v1 a filer and kite he would just out heal everything and cant interrupt his flies if im kiting lmao... and id lose uhh....

    Yea just dont talk about warden's at all for like... the rest of your life please ... or try to tell me how to play one, if you dont have one... you cant even begin to understand how they are played.... geared .. ect. Been playing it for a long time.. probably the longest for all the ones on the server. soo... unless your shae don't give advice on wardens.
    You obviously have never played a defiler. If you cant keep up a rotation to interrupt and knockback defiler inductions then you deserve the flies. Dont say you cant do this bcuz you re being kited bcuz we cant use inductions while moving. Yes most of our inductions are only a second, but try getting an induction out when every little hit knocks you back to the start. Im not trying to tell you how to play, or that flies arnt rly OP (cuz they are) but theres ways to deal with them. Its the same with creeps trying to kIll good minis and wardens, its hard, they are OP but eventually its do-able. Its sad that when something that resembles difficulty interferes with freeps in pvp QQ is to be had.

    Bring back ainur they didnt whine they just formed a raid and zerged everything.

    <3 glora
    Glaer, noobwarden of DwarrowDelf

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    All i have to say to this is....if the flies are on you....you best be getting away from the rest of the group or imma send you hate tells/mail

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    minstrels fear fly. fly goes away from the group. no more power drain

    problem solved
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    Ever heard of Dark before Dawn ;p


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