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    Worn Symbol of the Elder King - Where to find?

    Is Tower of Orthanc Raid the only place to get a Worn Symbol of the Elder King? I'm want to craft a first age legendary weapon for myself and can't find any way to get this ingredient without doing a raid. Is there any other way/place to obtain this solo?

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    T2 ToO, Lootboxes L70-75 (EXTREMELY RARE CHANCE), MyLotro Lotteries, These are the only methods of the creation of this item.

    You might also have some luck trading for one or buying one in the Auction Hall.
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    Bullroarer crafting hall.... I had a character on BR for a bunch of the "open beta"/"previews" over the last several months that bought--quite literally--an entire stack of 100 of them and then proceeded to equip a bunch of characters with L75 FAs.

    Doesn't help with live, of course...especially since opening the Eyes & Guard would be a pretty game destroying option... Maybe they'll do that some day a few weeks before LotRO ultimately shuts down. (Which, with any kind of luck, will be somewhere on the far side of 2020.)

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    For Soloers and Non-raiders, a Lootbox and/or Lotteries are the only way to get a Worn Symbol of the Elder King, but they have an extremely horrifyingly low chance of dropping. Raids are the best chance to get one, but it's a gamble really. As mentioned before, Lootboxes and Lottery chances are low, and in a raid you'll be competing against 11 other people for rolls on the Symbol, so yeah. You have to be really lucky in either circumstances.
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    250-300G on the AH, probably not worth it 2 month before RoR.



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