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    Debuff helper plugin

    Hey all, so I just finished writing my first plugin and thought I should post it here in case people could use it but don't regularly check LoTROInterface. Plus the more people who try it out the more potential feedback I could get to help improve it.

    It's a bar of 5 debuffs (SoP:SaE, AC, firelore, windlore, frost lore), and when each one is used it will disappear until the skill is off cooldown. It's a very simple plugin but my goal/hope is that it would make (especially new) loremasters' jobs in raids/instances bit easier to manage when there's 20 things that need to be done at once.

    Keep in mind it might be buggy, I've tested it myself quite a bit but its possible (likely) that I've missed things.

    Also, there are a few things I'm working on improving: for one, it doesn't save it's own location when it is unloaded so you have to move it back to where you want it ever time. It's a bit of a hassle but hopefully it'll be fixed soon enough. Also, in order to move it you have to drag next to it, I have yet to add an aesthetic bar or button to drag it around; I should have one added in fairly soon.

    I'll stop rambling now and link the plugin: http://www.lotrointerface.com/downloads/info745-Lore-MasterDebuffHelper.html

    Hopefully you guys can find this helpful, and feel free to contact me with any suggestions/bugs/issues that you're finding

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    Author of DebuffHelper

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    I have always wanted to check on scripting a bit, but never found the time. This sounds like something I'd make, but then I would want to take it one or two steps further:

    Alot of cooldowns are shorter then the actual duration of the effect on the mob. What would be interesting is the same plugin but:

    - The icon will come back when the duration of the effect is almost finished
    - The user can set the time (in seconds) between the skill ending on the mob and the icon coming back
    - An override button, that makes the icons available if they are from cooldown

    Might be a nice idea? No idea though if it can be done.

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    ^Poster above stole my suggestion. That would be perfect for chain-mezzing.



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