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    Utleth's Race of the Worn Elder King

    Just wanted to add a thank you to Utleth for the horse race that took place last night (July 15th). Watching 5 people jump to their deaths off the high moors was highly entertaining.

    Even though I was in the lead until that fateful moment of indecision that cost me the race, fun was had by all, and then more fun with the sparring.

    Gratz to Calcifyr on the 1st age symbol.
    Forget who won the scales, think it was a 3 way tie...

    What happened to the chicken race though???

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    Grats! I'm glad to hear he's finally passing them out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurtdg21 View Post
    Grats! I'm glad to hear he's finally passing them out.
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