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    Armor suggestions for ToO?

    I finally got my LM to level cap during the 5th anniversary xp boost period, and I've been through ToO once, but am interested in what armor LMs wear in Orthanc. Right now, I have all 6 of the Galtrev pieces and two Tradition Audacity pieces from the Moors, along with some Great River crafted stuff to pick from. What set bonuses do you find most valuable in ToO?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaapad View Post
    4 Tradition - 2 Draig for most trash stuff.
    Thanks Vangelis. I'm glad I picked up Tradition as my first 2 pieces; I'm halfway there. I do have the medallions and seals to get some Orthanc pieces. I know Vangelis isn't impressed with their bonuses for raiding. Anyone else have an opinion?
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    Initially I went for the Iordur set thinking that it would be useful to have the extra 5sec mezz for the trash clearing. It is useful, but I found that it wasn't really necessary so I then got myself the Amaruith set. I tend to use that more often as the set bonus to reduce the cooldown on Ents is something I find useful, even if I am not specifically traited for damage.

    The Draigoch set is useful to have for boss fights though, even if you are just hot-swapping to it when applying SoP: See All Ends. The extra 5% crit chance debuff is pretty nice for helping your raid bump up their damage output.

    I did once act as one of the healers on a T1 run and I used the old Memory of the West set from Ost Dunhoth for that, which was rather fun!

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    Thumbs up

    Orthanc is really a fun raid for LM in my opinion, both from the trash and boss perspective.

    For Orthanc I am usually in the AM line. In general I stay in full Iordur set for trash and change into Spellweaver.

    I use Iordur for its 5–set bonus of +5 to Blinding Flash, and from a personal reason of finally having that bonus since I never managed to get the DN set due to my play time at that time and some selfish people lol. Back to reality, I enjoy the bonus since I am a bit crazy on debuffing and I use the time while the mob is sleeping to debuff the rest of them and lower overall incoming damage to my raid, and do some DoT on current DPS targets. It is a rather nice set and compliment my play style nicely.

    I use Spellweaver set on bosses (and when soloing and I am in MoNF line). The +5% Incoming Critical Chance to SoP:SAE from the 5–set bonus is simply delicious. A very nice bonus and super, super, super easy and fast to get.

    After ver long time LM actually have a choice to make between different armour set based on raid need and personal play style. Looking forward to see what is to come with RoR.

    Hope this helps, you already got some great advice. Enjoy the raid its fun.
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