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    Post Looking for the Dwarven community!

    Hello there,

    Basicly, I am looking for some Dwarf roleplay on the server. I don't really mind what kind, I just like to get to know the characters that form the Dwarf community on Laurelin. And I'd like to do that without dedicating to a kinship, if possible. I know a lot of the roleplay takes place inside and between kinships but it would be nice to have some coincidential roleplay with Dwarves, instead of the basic tavern roleplay you have going on in Bree.

    Also, I'm roleplaying as a goods peddler between Thrain's Square and Gondamon. I tend to walk the whole trip and enjoy the landscape and scenery I'm a big fan of. Is there anyone, or can anyone tell me of, roleplaying that happens in that particular region?

    Feel free to PM me in-game. Character is called Glamgur and I'm on pretty much every day .

    Thanks in advance!

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    I know the dwarven community is hosting a Summer-fun event tonight and tommorrow in Thorin's hall. So I'd suggest that possibly as a starting point to meet them and see how they are.

    Kin's to contact for more information are : Baruk Khazard, Durin's folk and the newest I know of "The company of Thorin's hall"

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    Welcome to Laurelin

    I would suggest you have a good look on Laurelin Archives, the RP webportal of the server

    Dwarven RP community seems strong and active and there are many Dwarf-only RP Kins on the server in case you want to know. What is said above is correct, just want to add two more Kins to the list, The Mimshol Trading Company and The Mithril Order

    You will see few Dwarves, every now and then in the Shire and in the Green Dragon Inn they might stop every now and then for a pint (especially when the Hobbit RP Event takes place) You will see some others in Bree as well and i think there is a weekly Dwarf themed RP Event in Thorin's Hall too. I am sure there is more..

    As a side note, we can expect a big interest for Dwarf (and Hobbit RP), especially now with the Hobbit movie, on the way so good stuff


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    Thanks for the quick replies!

    I will have a look at the Summmer-Fun event. Sounds interesting, and any opportunity to meet some more Dwarves is welcome. I've already registered at the Laurelin Archives, and although it has a great deal of information on current active players and kinships it gives me no clue as to how the people are, hence I prefer face-to-face roleplay.

    I will see if I can contact some of the seperate kinships you noted.

    Thank you for the help

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    Dwarf roleplay

    Hi there lad,

    I often travel the road from Thrain's Square to Bree, and back, Mining and traiding my goods. If I see you on the road, Ill stop for some roleplay.

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    The Kinship of Durin's Folk

    You are welcome to join us in many things we prepare, like Ales & Tales every Thursday night and The Dwarrow Ting every month on the 10th except when the Western Ting is held, then the Dwarrow Ting is on the 11th. We have drills, scouting missions, casual get togethers and many other dwarrow related evenst, if you're interested. We're usually active throughout the Vale of Thráin.

    [CENTER][SIZE=3][COLOR=red]Duinn Drakenbane of The Lonely Mountain[/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER]
    [CENTER][COLOR=blue]Lord of the Kinship of [URL="http://durinsfolk.mmoguildsites.com/"]Durin's Folk[/URL][/COLOR][/CENTER]

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    Post Thanks!

    I will keep my eyes out for a fellow Dwarf travelling that part of the road. Will be interesting to meet another trader .

    Noting down the dates. It will be good to see the Dwarven community when it's brought together under one roof, and I hope to run into some of your folk when I'm traversing the vale. Also, thanks again for the information in-game.

    Thank you both

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    Should you ever chance upon Bregir along your road, never fret to call out in greeting.

    Bregir Stoutheart, at your service

    PS. Dwarves ROCK!



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