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    Cool Fight under the banner of The Northern Kingdom! [TNK]

    We are The Northern Kingdom [TNK] Kinship! We are a rank 9 kinship, that enjoys skirmishes and raids!
    We also hunt many "secrets" or "glitches" in the game, some of which are quite exciting! We accept anyone of any race, class, or level, from any background! We aren't a normal kinship, we are quite silly actually, so if you need a fun and interesting kinship to hang out with, then look no further!

    We also sometimes host kinship parties, which consist of MANY events, as well as prizes for specific competitions.

    We also own our very own kinship house, fully decorated with the decorations of raiding/instancing trophies from all over the game, as well as other interesting decorations! Our storage chests are open to all members aswell!

    We also like to train some of our lower leveled members, and help them achieve their in-game goals.

    Our members have many different personalities, most of which are silly, insane and fun! We are currently working on a animated series based on our kinship and a few of it's members, traveling middle earth and defeating many great foes, including Thorog of the misty mountains! Oh, and if you thought this was a heroic, serious animated series, then think again! This is a comedy series, with many jokes, some of which pointing out various, confusing things about the game, but mostly, the strange and unusual personalities of our members, yet still managing to succeed somehow in the end!

    We have members of many crafts, I for one do prospecting, tailoring and foresting. We also have a westfold cook, who would gladly make you food for use in those hard quests or instances!

    If you wish to join us, or get more information, simply contact Kaelalas (me), Bothorn or Konataluckystar when in-game, or simply post on this thread!
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