Kinship "Daro a Maetho" would like to invite all players on Crickhollow (or those that wish to roll on Crickhollow by tomorrow ) to their summer 'Rîn a Thirith' event -- an event of Remembrance and Vigilance in honor of the once-fair hidden city of Gondolin at 7pm servertime in the Festival Garden of Duillond tomorrow, 13th Friday.

This is a festival to commemorate the fall of Gondolin, orienting around the history and the necessity for continued vigilance. Defenses are not always enough. Rîn a Thirith means Remembrance and Vigilance. This is a roleplay event, however one need not necessarily be a roleplayer to participate. Skills will be tested in physical mastery (sparring), wit (Riddle-games), horsemanship and more! Refreshments and flowers will be provided. The evening will finalize with a retelling of "The Fall of Gondolin" for those who wish to remain late.

Awaiting your honored presence;
Daro a Maetho.