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    Quote Originally Posted by furtim View Post
    I guess we just have very different groups, Omen, because the only trash pulls I've ever seen cause the kinds of problems an HoH Captain could fix are the ones in Acid wing. When I've done Lightning, we always had the trolls locked down with CC, so we never needed to heal up from their AoEs. But then, we also just plain didn't attempt it when our CCers weren't available.

    And, again, when you're talking about DE-heavy situations that can reduce the VS cooldown to 30 seconds, in my experience those are mostly trash pulls that don't need heavy AoE healing. I will concede that it's possible to have VS up permanently when they happen, I just don't see the value of it because you'll always have a main healer in the group anyway.

    So far, the only place I've found where HoH is better than LtC in the presence of a separate main healer is on Saruman, where you can be the difference between healing through the Acid debuff or not, and your power restoration via Song-Bro Inspire is actually needed given the duration of the fight and the inability to really rest up despite going out of combat multiple times.
    Yeah different groups make different experiences which makes a hell of a lot of the arguments on these forums I'd wager.

    But, eh no your group doesn't have the trolls locked down 100% of the time because they're scripted to break out of their dazes and do their pounds--which can't be interrupted. The pounds (bringing down the house, its like a channeled aoe that you get a debuff icon for) are what I was referring instead of their "smush" distributed damage skill. EDIT: and after that they can be remezzed

    I agree in that trash pulls don't NEED an HoH cappy. I just like to make them easymode so we can get down to bi'ness quicker. Foundry? I never run HoH unless I'm main healing something other than a Warden. But it is what the other guys were talking about.
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    Quote Originally Posted by furtim View Post
    On the few occasions when I run Blue Line (usually with GC/Mene), I'm seeing bursts of 1200 HPS while under Song-Bro To Arms, but my overall HPS for most fights is around 800. The most recent example of this was a skirm raid where we only had one healer, so I went HoH to cover the non-tank fellowship. So, of course, I got a steady stream of enemy deaths to fuel Rallying Cry.

    Part of this, maybe, is the fact that I don't like to throw out Valiant Strike or Words of Courage unless I see somebody actually taking damage. Perhaps if you're using those skills whenever they're off cooldown, you could put out a higher HPS number, but you'd also be wasting power (not a problem if you do Song-Bro, I guess) and generating a lot of unnecessary healing threat, plus you'd lack the VS burst heal when you actually need it.
    All my runs, i was using Blade-bro on a DPS-class. Valiant strike up constantly and no WoC at all. While my average healing was around ~1200 HPS, i saw bursts at around 1500-1600 HPS, that happens when the entire group is near enough for VS to apply to all members of the fellowship, and defeat events are plentyful.

    As has been said before, I don't think it's ever necessary to have a HoH cappy in the current 6-man or even Orthanc wings, but it is really nice, and makes for smooth gameplay. One example of this is the last boss in RoF, where we on kinruns almost never clear any of the poison dots. A good healer, and HoH cappy, lets the DPS focus on, well, DPS, and not running around clearing poisons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by furtim View Post
    That RK thread was hilarious. Thanks, Delgon. :P (Also, the talk of tiering up Writ of Healing makes me wish once again that our Words of Courage HoTs could stack, at least while traited HoH.)

    I still say HoH is a solution without a problem. It doesn't provide reliable enough single-target healing to sustain a main tank through most hard content outside of 3-mans, forcing groups 6-mans and raids to take a "real" healer along... and then HoH's heavy group healing is not really needed, so you're better off using either 4R/3B or LtC capstone.

    As for 3-mans, Captains can heal them, but IMO we're more useful in the tank role there.

    As for wasted DPS, in trash pulls you might see some, but in boss fights not so much. Overkill happens at most once per enemy, overheal happens much more often if you're not applying your heals judiciously.
    On a 3man you can heal a guardian (and obviously a warden) traited 5r+capstone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eldelcar View Post
    On a 3man you can heal a guardian (and obviously a warden) traited 5r+capstone.
    I'm pretty sure that a Hunter can heal a Warden during a 3-man... :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeanperson View Post
    Composure allow you to throw 2 RC heal one after another, it's useful for burst damage, no matter your defeat response you can get 2 RC one after the other (GCD wise), that every 2m30.

    Defiance is, I agree overrated.

    Blood of Numenor, well without it your Cry of Vengeance rez someone to another death, unless it's the tank rezed and even then you rez a tank with 20% morale!!! good luck, if the tank died he will prolly die another time quite soon with only 20% morale and 15% power; what most tank got around 2.5k power... that make 500 power!!!

    without BoN CoV and even EtD are almost useless, almost they gain utility only for accidentale death.

    Otherwise, in overwhelming fight using those untraited is just a guarrateed second defeat.

    Tactical prowess...5 seconds extra duration when legacy give 15 seconds so to pass from 10 to 25 to 30 seconds well that ain't that a big upgrade, but better then defiance if you want the 2 trait set bonus only.
    overrated for PVE raids? done any t2c lately? to arms and LS traits are the way to go for 2 lom

    pro tip that's become a dead horse - trait for victory, not failure. you will not have as high a degree of success as you otherwise would.

    btw i hope youre all enjoying your 10m range on valiant strike :P
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