I have to think that Elves are, in general, my favorite race. Really the only things stopping me from playing one is:
1. They're not quite as easy to RP as a Man, for well, obvious reasons. Elves are totally different.
2. Class. If they could be Captains, I'd be all over it hahaha. I'm still kind of turn between Champion or Guardian... maybe even Warden. Really, I just like making things dead.

The desire to play an Elf came up again after playing a bit of Third Age Total War, and seeing the... Quanti, or something like that? I think it meant "Those who speak words" or... something again. Basically low-level "militia"-esque elves, but they were a male and female mixed unit... moving on...

What do you think roleplayers? Worth a shot? I have the Rohirrim armor, and still unsure exactly how I want to go about RP getting that stuff. I have a Rohan-borne Captain right now, but I'm unsure if I want to keep her simply because I'm not sure I can RP a Rohirrim very well. Not sure which origin is really easiest.

Copy/pasted, with a minor tweak, from a server's forums. I figure the more input I get, the better!