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    current top kinships in server for raids/instances

    I am fairly new to this particular game having came here from a different one. Fairly quickly after making a character both I an my wife were invited to a kinship randomly.
    The people there are nice, but it is not really the sort of kinship I am looking for. I play a ministrel an my wife plays a gaurdian and we are both about lv 70ish atm, but expect to be 75 soon. I usually play about 6-8 hours a day an she plays 1-2. I am looking for a kinship with lots of active players who do group play daily as end game gear farming. So far the only thing I do not like about lotro is that it seems built to need 6+ people for most things and it seems that the game is deserted or something to the point those arent possible...........So what is the current top 3 kins in this server atm which might let me an her both join once we hit 75?

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    you are best off having a look at your server's kinship forum



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