I've been playing since beta, I've never gotten above level 47, I like to explore. lol

I re-rolled on this server seeking a bit more RP even though I'm a very very novice RP'er.
I'm seeking a Rohan based Kinship that is fairly active and is willing to take in a refugee of Rohan and be patient with my amatuer RP skills. I am currently playing a male Captain named Freideric and a female hunter named Tsakiera, both natives of Rohan. I do have a mild backstory for both, neither of which involves miraculous heroics etc, they are the children of poor farmers who have stepped forth to represent their family in the coming battles against the dark lord.

About me the real person behind them. I'm 40, married with one young son, I play evenings after 9pm Central, I will occasionaly take a few days off here and there. I have no overwhelming interest in raiding but will partake when/if I ever reach the appropriate levels but I am most certainly not looking for a dedicated raiding kin. I've had enough raiding in my past life, lol. I've been in the military for 20 years and am just a normal person who really enjoys exploring the digital version of Tolkien's world.