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    Nov 2010

    Id like to say .....

    Since I have transferred here it has been a blast lots of good creeps and lots of good freeps . Nice fights and have had to brush the dust off of pvp raiding ;3 . Anyway's thank's for the warm welcome and tons of fun yall are some good people ;3 no matter what anyone say's both sides have very skilled player's and im glad I chose to come here . Keep it up and that is all (:

    P.S yes I am Spidawargy lmao made it as a joke then halkin revealed me ;3 lol
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    I am honestly glad you are enjoying it here. Its nice to see transfers who want to come here and be a part of the community. This server has some amazingly good people. See you in game. Luit.

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    Glad you are enjoying your time on the server. I think everybody here likes you and are glad to have a LM come out here and melt faces.

    Yes I found your secret identity My.lotro stalking ftw.

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    Cool Welcome

    I am honored to reveal that I had my first KB on good Sir Legacyguido before Halkin laid his eyes on him. :P
    Welcome to Crickhollow Legacyguido
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    Glad you've been having fun.

    Some kinsman have said that you are a very good pvp'er and a good teamplayer. In all honesty, Crick could use of those.

    Welcome to both of you!
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    My own little world

    Glad you are having fun over here
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    Glad you're having fun. Haven't gotten to team up with you much. Seems like you do your own thing. But maybe someday.
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    Glad ur enjoying ur self and thank u very much for jump starting pvp



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