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Thread: The Angmarim

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    Post The Angmarim

    So typically my posts are either not serious or itss a gratz thread, but I had seen the idea on the creep forums and I thought to myself, 'why not try to bring it to life?'

    The Idea: New creep class: The Angmarim: Their role: Caster: DPS

    I'll split it off in a few ways in this thread and this isn't a thread to say OH HEAY THAT SKILL SOUNDS STUPIDLY OP well no duh thats why I'm starting it here to refine skills and collect ideas before throwing it out there to a bigger audience.

    The DPS Angmarim
    So you started off an Angmarim you'll have roughly around 9k Morale and around 3k Power

    You start off with 5 skills:

    Shadow's Grip!
    You fire a ball of dark energy at you target engulfing your foe and applying damage over time upon them. Initial damage of 400-450 and the DoT will tick ever 3 seconds for 12 seconds of 200 damage. A cooldown of 15 seconds.

    Dark Pressence
    You apply a debuff on your target for -10% tactical mitigation for 15 seconds. A cooldown of 15 seconds.

    You deal a heavy melee blow on your target dealing 400 damage This skill does bonus damage if they have Shadow's Grip! applied to them. A cooldown of 20 seconds.

    Promised Death--THIS CLASS WILL REVOLVE AROUND THIS SKILL there will be different teirs to this skill depending on debuffs you may or may not have on the target

    After years of practice you are able to perform a devastating cast upon your foes, if you have the killing blow on your target with this skill you heal yourself +10% Morale and 5% power. 2 second induction. A cooldown of 1 minute.

    1. If Dark Presence is applied to the target when this spell is cast then the debuff refreshes and a DOT of 150 every 2 seconds for 10 seconds is applied.

    2. If Grip the Heart is applied to the target when this spell is cast the DoT is upgraded to a teir 2 Dot dealing 250-300 damage every 3 seconds for 15 seconds.

    3. If Dark Presence, Fear the King, and Death Bringer debuffs are on the target this spell will remove the debuffs and in return does 1,400 - 2,000 damage with higher chances to crit depending on how many bleeds you have on a target (+5% per bleed).

    4. If Burn! is applied to the target when this spell is cast then refresh the DoT and restore 2% morale and 1% power.

    You burn your target with cryptic powers reducing their armor and applying damage over time. Reduces armor by 600, DoT of 200 - 250 every 2 seconds for 20 seconds. A cooldown of 5 seconds.

    What Comes With Rank

    Rank 1: Into The Dark
    You concentrate and you're able to stun your foe. 1 second induction. Stuns for 5 seconds. A cooldown of 10 seconds.

    Rank 2:

    Rank 3:

    Rank 4:Grip the Heart
    You launch great fear into your foe's heart making them second guess on future attacks. Slows attack speed by 10% for 20 seconds. 1.5 second Induction. A cooldown of 30 seconds.

    Rank 5:Death Bringer
    A toggle skill of every 6 seconds a single target is drained 1% of their morale and you restore 1% morale, this is pottable with a fear pot but at the cost of 300 damage on removal.

    Rank 6:Fear the King
    You shout fear at those who oppose you slowing them by 20% for 15 seconds. A cooldown of 20 seconds.

    Rank 7:

    Rank 8: Charge
    You're able to channel for a short period of time charging your next attack to deal a 2nd affect or deal bonus damage. Channel of 5 seconds. No Cooldown. Skills elligible for the 2nd affect or bonus damage are marked with Chargable next to them.

    Rank 9: Know no Greater Evil - Cooldown
    In desprate times you're able to gain the Charged buff for 15 seconds allowing you to show everyone who rules the dark. Instant cast. A cooldown of 15 minutes. (Must be below half of your morale.)

    Rank 10:Summon Fell-Spirit
    You summon a controllable spirit of the dead to do your bidding, while summoned this dark soul has a powerful aura that makes enemies more supseptible to tactical damage. The spirit will follow you for 1 minute if not killed in that time. Induction of 2.5 seconds. A cooldown of 1 minute. (The spirit will not have any other skills except for the passive aura)

    "Angmarim come in several varieties. Some are mere soldiers, while others are High Priests that can summon Fell-spirits from the Void to do their bidding. Some Angmarim priestesses can also summon monstrous Spiders" - Lotro-wiki.com

    High Ranked Traits

    Rank 12:

    Rank 14:

    Rank 15:

    WOOPS at the double post
    Open to Idea's

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    I like the idea of getting buffed if you get the kb. And stun every 10s ftw!!! Keeping tabs on this thread.

    Edit: A debuff that increases attack duration would be cool.
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    needs more power drains....all ranks.

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    Very nice, have seen some good one in the past 5 years. This is one of them.

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    Which skills can i buy from the LOTRO store? seems P2W is the way to go these days.

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    I have always thought of a caster class like this but tbh more of a lmish kind of way give them some big aoe's ;3 or some cool stuff I might have to roll one muahhaha ;3
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    Should be an Angmarim Priestess. Creep side is in dire need of some female avatars.
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    Rank 1 skill can be called "Death to Innovation". What happens is you acquire this skill automatically at R1 your are disconnected and upon logging back in your character is deleted and you have to start all over. Wont require a lot of time by the development team and fits in line with Turbines business model related to PVP.

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    This is a terrible idea. No fellowship-wide Desperate Flight? Are you kidding me?!

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    NVM someone made a better one than me.

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