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    Gladden Lotro Wiki on Players

    They say that those who "Do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it". Well, for when I get bored sometimes and there are patches up so the servers are down, etc., I thought I compose a list of many the notorious/famous players, particulary veterans of Gladden. I believe I did something like this before describing many of the old veterans to someone out of boredom to tell them what old pvp was like, and I guess I'm gonna do it again for ur entertainment. Some of this list is made in jest as well as SERIOUSNESSZZZ >! I like being a loto history buff, so here you go! Some may be longer than others, and I'll add on as many people that I feel like. To the very few REAL LOTRO vets left, if you wish to add anything, feel free to let me know. If you want to be on this list, you can request it, but I'll describe u the way I see fit (usually in a a positive manner ). In addition, if you wanna describe someone else, you can type one up and I'll copy it in(generally by their admission). Also, feel free to make one about any of my toons, since you can tell everyone about how big of a "pothead" I am and such.

    *Narrated with Faramir's voice (David Wenham) from 300*

    Timeline (so new people can keep track)
    prebk 12, book 12-14, moria (book 6-8), SoM, RoI (preaud, postaud)


    Azareth (no, not the doppelganger on Gladden now :P)- The tale of this warrior is of greatness, and sadly ends in tragedy. It is commonly known as "The Tragic Tale of Azareth" being akin to "The Tragedy of Macbeth" in epicness. Known as the leader of the Croatian Crew, Azareth was a soldier of great promise in the Coldfells army, showing his prowess in battle time after time, indirectly leading the freeps to Glory (literally). As he became stronger, Azareth became one of the greatest Champions the Gladden Moors has ever seen. He perfected the way of kiting champ on Gladden, which became a popular style of champion fighting up to SoM, till a new style of pure melee toe-to-toe fighting was innovated by a transfer Champion of great skill. To this day, I think Azareth may have been the most fluent strafer I have seen in this game, the way his double bladed grace flowed in the wind as well as his full-crimson regalia. Azareth had 3 apprentices: Mariuss, Mosthated, and Reedee, his last, yet most prolific apprentice. Azareth can be described as cocky, pompous, and elitist, pretty much an all-around doosh, but if you knew him he had a little soft side to him that made you lol. He also would never turn down a fight from someone's asinine challenge made to him, which caused their destruction. Over time, I had lost contact with Azareth completely. He eventually transfered to Elendilmir, then to Brandywine, then to Silverlode...where Azareth finally cracked. Azareth had become insane and mad over Azurelady, and the dark love that consumed his soul ultimately destroyed him and all what he was... Legend says one day he shall return in his familiar regalia and to his former glory, more powerful than one can possibly imagine.

    Heady- Heady of the Fallohides as he is commonly and fondly known, he is not to be mistaken for Headaran and his toons as Heady was the original of Gladden. Heady is referred to as the first original hobbit hunter of the moors, as well as the best one. This laid back stoner enjoys the simpler things of life like ganking and mead. He was a notorious, yet revered enemy of Genbu and Aeons, believed to have single handily destroyed their whole raid by running them off the Cliff of Hoardale. Also, he was renowned for the Defense of TR and LC with his nameless brother-in-arms against a half raid-3/4 raid of Genbu/Aeons. Though he lead little, and with the occasional help of Azareth, he was one of the only freep leaders that could put up a fight against Aeons/Genbu and dismantle the Soldiers of the White Hand. You can see Heady occasionally wandering the moors to this day, doing his contagious hobbit laugh at people for no reason.

    Silverest- Known as the first definite leader of the freeps, Silverest was the renowned leader of the 1st age of the moors (prebk12 SoA). He cleverly made the hunter turret to destroy the early and weak ranks of Angmar, most of the time the creep forces being unable to repel its strength, tho his strong rival in strategy, Silentnight, was able to break his lines occasionally. His charisma and tactics made him a favorite among freeps, and even revered among creeps. He made many of his famous battles outside of TR, posthumously being named "Silverest Rock" where he made stand after stand against the creep armada. A young, lvl 46 footman by the name of Gleefelin(Didnthurt/Kaleef) I saw was scuplted from Silverest's raids; tho I knew he would someday become great, his story/legacy took an unfortunate different path, though I digress. I only had the privilege to group with him once, tho fought him many times on my old rank 3 BA. Though he has now mysteriously disappeared into shadow and was only last seen by his freep compatriots on January 26th, 2008, legend says he fights in the wilderness, mainly in the woods of LC, west of HH, or in Arador's End in an endless battle with his worthy opponent Silentnight. A statue is said to have been in the process of being made for Silverest, but it has been long delayed by Turbine's laziness, so we just use Silverest's rock as tribute instead.

    Kalib- He was the leader of the Aussie groups as well as former leader of the kin EXODUS. Tho he rarely played primetime early on his in career prebk12, Kalib was adored by the clueless Aussies, not knowing how crazy he really was. Eventually, however, Kalib became more prominent in the book 12-14 days and sought to bring his EXODUS group out as well as others to fight against Genbu/Aeons, with both them and their tribe mocking Kalib with many satirical videos. Kalib was one of the main focal points on the forums as for stirring things up and challenging Genbu and Aeons might with Valistar. Tho he lost more often than won and usually only came out to make the map blue when Genbu and Aeons weren't out, he provided good entertainment and could muster up good fights occasionally. Kalib is famous for not only going crazy with his grand, psychological scheme of pretending to quit the game then come back, but also for losing noobishly to Azhaudh with all his cds and excuses, one of the highest rank reavers at the time (rank 7) in a 1v1. His legacy was destroyed more with how he went about leaving the game. In an attempt to rebuild his legacy, he went on creepside for Gladden as well as transfer to Nimrodel on Kalib. Nimrodel was more successful for his legacy rebuilding than creepside, tho he doesn't play anymore. He is also responsible for making the abomination Thugglife the way he was, and took pride in creating him.

    Valistar- Coming to prominence in the book 12-14 SoA era, Valistar was made the freep leader of the Ettenmoors from the deeming of the famous, formerly great leader Gleefelin as he made his "turn to the dark side" in order to make more fights for creeps better. Valistar became famous for his turtling ways against even numbers with oil atop keeps such as Tirith Rhaw and Lugazag and his camping of greenies at grams, until pushed out by Genbu/Aeons. When keeps were about to fall and getting tired of wiping so much, Valistar gave up and told his freep compatriots to flee for their lives, tho a nameless warrior and occasionally a few others in his raid, usually stayed behind to fight to the end for death and glory. He would usually wait at Glan Vraig till his forces were overwhelmingly powerful, then would strike after boring the creep opposition that was even with him to death, and made them log from waiting so long to fight him and his 2 raids, another reason why he received criticism from creeps. He also formed raids to hunt down notorious players/starhuggers such as Killerr, Clibni, and Cojiro when he was starhugging, which made pvp fun. He was also apart of a famous 3-leader raid lead, joining forces with the daft Australian Ootyfast and the mentally unstable Kalib to fight Genbu/Aeons and Didnthurt's armies for a battle of epicness where Valistar for once proved his worth. After the lag-filled fighting with creeps was over in the epic battle of the ages, he took his raid to the delving with 2 other raids to confront Gaergoth the delving boss, but failed due to lag. Valistar went on hiatus and came back, at first his return being seen as a desperate greatness to respark Gladden pvp. The results proved negative, as Valistar had changed dramatically. Though he lead raids, Valistar also used to enjoy 1v1s. The reason for his hatred is to be believed because he was terrible at them so he zergs them because if he couldn't, no one could, or when he was at the tavern "Moors Mash" and was knocked out over the head with a chair in a drunken bar fight with Gleefelin, and lost his wits. Anyway, this changed Valistar, and his Mccarythist ways towards 1v1s and just saying moronic things in general has destroyed his reputation even further. It is believed that he is a Communist ironically, as he can be seen spamming glff to this day about "gaining commies for his cause". Finally, he has a Billy Bob Thorton voice which makes him .1% epic.

    Gleefelin (Didnthurt/Kaleef)- First being seen as a footman of Silverest's army in the 1st age of the prebk12 days, Gleefelin was seen as a soon-to-be keen strategist of the Freep army. With the departure of Silverest, Gleefelin rose to power and is credited for leading the freep armies to glory in the later prebk12 era. He made many upon many of honorable battles for the freeps against the creep hordes, earning his renown through such actions. When book 12 came, he gave his leadership role of freeps to Valistar to go over to his creep to help the creep forces and make them stronger. This is when things turned for the worst. Though Gleefelin remained unaffected for a long time on his BA Didnthurt, now known as Kaleef, gradually he became...zergish in his ways, losing all form of honor in battle, unwilling to seek challenges and only wanted to fight the easiest of battles with overwhelming numbers against weaker forces in the open field, as well as zerging 1v1s. He became notorious for his zergs, aided by his tribe known as Dark ones of Middle Earth, whom he created to brainwash them and instill his zerging ways, though resisted by a few honorable tribemates of his. Furthermore, whenever faced with a challenging opponent, either Aristedies or Viceras, he would log off and go to his other servers to seek easier infamy and fighting for him as he had lost his cunning ability. I for one am still ashamed to see the once honorable leader now turning to cowardice and gutless approaches.

    Pendelas- An arrogant, yet fun-loving, skilled champion, though not as skilled as Azareth and a friend of his, known for his fear of losing stars, though not as much as Dori's early days, Pendelas's famous recanting of "It's a Trap!" left an impression on all he came in contact with. I met this champion of Gondor personally in a raid when I was rank 4, and we bonded very well. Unfortunately, his story has an honorable, yet tragic ending. Teamed with his dwarf companion Dorinori, the two fought in many hard-fought battles together against the creep horde in prebk12. He also was an asset to have in a raid as he would be a key component for its successes. Later on in his Ettenmoors war career, ironically to increase his rating, he was patrolling Hoarhallow when he saw 2 level 40 hobbits running from a creep group of greenie wls. Pendelas went to their aid to save them from these seemingly easy opponents. Pendelas's hidden honor would shine on this day, for little did he know that Abiss, one of the greatest BAs in the history of Gladden, was leading the Uruk greenie warleader army. The story is very similar to Boromir defending Merry and Pippin from Lurtz and his uruks. When Pendelas saw Abiss with them, he took down as many greenie wls as he could, tales saying he killed 10-20 uruks before finally being slain by 3 arrows in his chest and protecting the hobbits as he told them to make for the safety of Glan Vraig. The hobbits found a nameless warrior and told him about what had happened and he rode off to Hoarhallow to save Pendelas... tho it was too late. The nameless warrior found Abiss and made him his bane, watching his few warleader brethen remaining flee to the hills of Gramsfoot. He then found Pendelas pinned against a tree in Hoarhallow on his last breath, letting him know that he had fought with honor. He is said to have been buried somewhere west of HH in honor of his deeds. Be at peace...son of Gondor...

    Khaotik (Blackhaert)- Known as the greatest lm in the Gladden Moors prebk12 of the 3 great lms of the era, tho not entirely appreciated for his greatness as he wasn't in the popular kins, Khaotik was a virile Elf that made famous the melee style of lm fighting, which he was very successful with in 1v1ing. He took the promising LM Nebuchadrezzar under his wing to teach him his ways as his protege. He also used his unorthodox eagle companion strategy to defeat warleaders with ease, going against the popular belief that ravens were the way to beat a warleader. Khaotik was so powerful that he was banished by Turbine for his uncommonly large phallus, and his power is said to have been distributed to the LMs of today to make them stronger. The power of the Khaos it is called. It is said from legend that this once-powerful sorcerer can still be seen from time to time wandering the moors, tho not at his former strength, can still hold his own against a greenie. It is said his offspring is now the powerful warden, the Bush King.

    Blackhaert- The son of Khaotik, the warden known as the "Bush King" for his ambushing from bushes as well as being a sexual deviant and his preference of bushes, he is credited for being the first warden to attempt the dps spec style of warden, which were followed by the famous, great wardens such as Balaric, Chiknorris, Deregorn, and even the lack-lustered Voe. Like his father, he had an unorthodox, yet effective way of bringing new strats to the warden, such as his old effective strategy heal spec known as the "Wolverine" where he would stack Determination incmr and incmr traits to make himself near impossible to defeat. The Bush King was in hiatus for a long time, but his return is imminent, and his virility shall be stronger than ever!

    Fenore- Basically, Fenore was a broken version of Azareth, no skill whatsoever, but was a veteran. He was the first illegitimate rank 9 in the moors. You saw a name like Fenore and you're like, "wow, that guy must be something great", but he wasn't obviously, just a zergling raid baby. One of the first elves/champs/players in the moors, as well as one of the worst, he farmed most of his rank, yet he stunk at his class (and still does), he is now rank 12 tho 75% of his rank is illegitimate. Once people found out he originally farmed his rank in prebk12, Fenore fled to the shadows, never to be seen until recent times (and to play AoC apparently, which he prob sucked at, thus coming back here and failing once again).

    Aristeides - Once upon a time, when The Blender ruled the Gladden Ettenmoors, a great restlessness arose among the ranks of the One Tribe To Rule Them All and its allies. "Our freeps are so dominated we have no challenge anymore!" was the lament. And lo, a summons came from the distant land of Windfola. "Our server is freep dominated and our creeps are disorganized and boring," said the voice of the herald summoning. "Very well," said the voice of the One Tribe. "We will roll creeps on Windfola, and show your weakling creeps and dominant freeps that even on greenies, The Blender is a force to be reckoned with." And it was so. And the one who had issued the summons saw that it was good, and that these would truly be worthy opponents, and behold, when the Windfola visit was concluded, he returned with them. And his name was Aristeides. And his captain was mighty, and his burglar also, and in fact he expanded his scope to include creep side as well and mighty were his adventures on all of his characters. Legend has it that one day he will actually raise his voice on mic, and the world will be consumed in fire and flood upon that day. (Seriously, he always sounds so mellow even when things are going badly!) -Urg contribution

    Urthona - Urthona - A young man with a relentless talent to QQ in the the shadow of the larger Azareth*. In simple spars and 1v1s, you could not win against Urthona. This was not due to his skill or talent, but the point that you either used an illegitimate cool down, he was bugged, Turbines fault and/or skill lag. He would sometimes make new creeps or freeps to bring himself up in typing conversation, only to rage when people would express their hatred and annoyance of him. Some say that he and Azareth shared the Azurelady in the french fashion, we may never know... -Blackhaert contribution

    Lintalthir - A precocious Australian hunter that had skill for a Bards ----->. A former member of Dark Paradigm, with a large and fatal attraction to Seredir*, though his love can never be with due to the curse of high ping and a broken mic. -Blackhaert contribution

    Javathegut - Some say that this hobbit had the heart of a baboon removed from Christian Slater, and the soul of Aries within his magical KB stealing daggers.Sometimes two places at once, wherever a kill were to occur, Javathegut was there, stealing the KB, even if it were 0 damage, he would claim the creeps soul. Some say this anomaly was powered by an mysterious trinket he pick pocketed off Coldbear in Helegrod, absorbing all lives of wargs into its dark void. -Blackhaert contribution

    Dijerry Doooo Section

    Shadowthol- Leader of the Australian Awesomez, Shadow was once the greatest minstrel on Gladden. He was one of the two original aussies of the moors. Back in book 6-7 of moria, only 2 reavers could defeat him, Nishnok and a nameless warrior. Turbine said he is too epic for the moors, so he is not allowed to ever enter on his minstrel again, especially them being as op as they are now. Him and his gay partner Tanki used to plague the moors in the days of prebk12 when no one was out, and would also pal around with the insane Kalib and Erickthered. He transfered to Elendilimir, then after realizing how bad it was, came back here and now boxes occasionally when he is out, tho he is usually on his burg Feinting.

    Tanki- An Aussie lm that was being brokeback mountain with his friend Shadowthol that does not like to die, but it's fun when he does to make him QQ, so make sure to target him on any of his toons. He was also one of the original aussies along with his friend Shadow. He many a time ventured out in the moors with him to guard the moors in the late hours when there was few creeps out to make sure that havoc was not wreaked. Tho he was only lvl 40ish, Tanki played better than most of the lms out there in prebk12 and book 12-14, besides the 3 great ones Khaotik, Sowen, and Dracen.

    Atoo- Everyone has their doppelgangers. Atoo is the doppelganger of Shadow as he is ring leader when he hangs around with his friend Belegarod, as it was with Shadow and Tanki. Him and his friend Belegarod were doppelgangers to the original Aussies of Shadow and Tanki. He is a pretty epic guy with a pretty epic name and is also pretty. He has the potential to be a great lm in the moors if he went out there more often. Also, he doppelganged Azareth as well on his champ. He also named his guardian after a famous lotro warrior. He has identity issues.

    Belegarod- Tho not as big of a doppelganger as Atoo, Bel takes the place of Tanki as being a doppelganger. Him and atoo do the same thing by being Brokeback mountain with each other, ofc Aussie style. They enjoy drinking Fosters and putting shrimp on the barbie, as well as the satanic goat screwing ritual to the bestiality gods.

    In conclusion, those 4 aussies were gay together and loved many a male goat on lonely, cold nights ^.
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