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    Yet another LFK thread

    Bet you're getting tired of these by now, right?

    Anyways, am returning to the game after a long absence and am getting into it enough again to be looking for a kinship to call my own. Would definitely like to get involved in the RP scene at some point (I have a good deal of RP experience, though admittedly not that much of it within an MMO), but at the moment am chiefly concerned with finding a community to play with. Nothing puts me off a game more than having to trudge through the hours of levelling content with no company and no motivation to reach the higher levels other than that they're there.

    So yeah, currently level 15 elven hunter (yes, I know everyone plays hunters. I don't care. I like archers and too often have I played a class that was needed over what I wanted and got bored of it) looking for an active elven or mixed RP kinship. Heck, at this stage the RP is potentially optional.

    EDIT: having though about it, I'd be perfectly happy to gen up a dwarf if there are any dwarf-centric communities out there.

    Should also point out that, yes, I'm over 18 years of age and that I intend to re-new my subscription very shortly.
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    I am an officer in an Elven kinship called Blades of Twilight - we focus on roleplay and working together to achieve goals. We are using Amon-sul (Weathertop) as our base in the Lone lands and we are working on creating an Elven city in the Falathlorn Homesteads.

    We are very active and friendly, and we'd love to have a new face!

    Send a tell to either Alceren or Alyxandra in-game and let us know that you would like to be recruited (if you so choose, I do not wish to force you! ) and we'll ensure that you are added nice and quickly.

    I look forward to hearing from you!


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    Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    This is also a very good source to find a kin that's suited to your needs.

    Alternatively, combing through the first 2 pages of the Laurelin - Kinship forum (where this very thread is posted) can give you a good idea on what kinship is most actively recruiting in the past 4 months or so.

    Best wishes, and looking forward to see you in game.
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    Did you also try laurelin archives? That is a great place to find rp!

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    Both the Kinship thread here and the Laurelin Archives are a great place to start. There are some good and not so good kinships represented there with different activity levels.

    The LAs gives you an initial feel about a Kinship, after that its all about speaking with them and trying to track them down.

    I would recommend trying to attend some of the open for all server RP events as detailed on the Laurelin sub forum. Its a great way to meet people from different RP kinships. Feel free to IM me and I will offer some suggestions as I have been here for a number of years now so i might be able to help.



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