Well Hello There!!!

War and Thunder is a great kin for new players who would like to learn the ropes, as well as more experienced players who like to talk and have fun. We are a smaller kin, with a close-knit group of players who are always willing to help out and have fun. We are not a raiding kin, but we do like to run our fair share of Great Barrow runs, as well as other instances and skirms with each other. If someone needs a hand with a quest, we have plenty of higher level players who enjoy running around killing those pesky goblins or spider that keep you from completing that one quest. If you would like to join, send Keyi or Glecto a tell, or give a shout out in the regional channel in Bree, more often then not someone is there and could get you an invite. We do not actively recruit so you would never find a thousand of those annoying "[insert kinship name] is recruiting! we are awesome blah blah blah" things from us, but if someone asks, we always are willing to let them in. We have little drama, and that what we do find is normally squashed quickly, having the people sort it out quickly and privately. We are not a crafting guild either, but if someone needs something made, someone could normally hook you up. We don't ask for money or payment among ourselves, everyone helps everyone, so in the end all is paid back and well. I hope to see some new friends in-game!!!

Keyi Aleya