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Thread: Wardens!

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    Hey guys, here is a vid of some wardening. Anyone got any epic vids of pulling way too many mobs at once?


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    Thumbs up Llleeeeeeeeerrrrooooooooooyyy jjjeeeeennkkiiiiiiiiinnnnsssss ss!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Really nice and clean pull. Can I ask what's your gear? I'm having a hard time playing PvE on my warden, Thx.
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    I did the same pull today, went very smoothly, will record next time.

    We also did Library up to 1 boss, we tried pulling all the adds in instance, run up to one boss, and bring all the stuff to the 2nd boss, but we were overwhelmed.

    Goblin Town is sadly not doable, those dots are killer.

    Looking at trying some 6-mans like this. It really makes the grind a lot more fun.
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    That was fun to watch. Good sound choices!



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