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    zubzub why do u qq in every thread where someone mentions ainur?

    best in their class for pve, pvp, life and everything else:
    hunter: navgul, meldreth, zulubeast, patriotpea, rinkytink, atador and gamas (ftw)
    lore master: sno, gallanhael, tarsnowborn, youngguido, eaisiel (pve-only nub), banoon
    guardian: agtug, edlorthar and kraumur
    warden: card, jacbo, toa and moonfang
    minstrel: erlilda, trevil, ocho, doomsie (<3), riialyze, risteliel, lunchboxe, torqky, iriella
    burglar: caspur, xuneng, anessen, sycarius, oprah and jakespeed
    champion: karoc, illthalion, aktis, drakkarmyst, gamarin
    captain: merthin, staissi (<3 dr melfi from sopranos), tudhuiros, eomen and masyaf
    rune keeper: viduo, ilthel, zidia, lythiea, xellor, zepphyr

    in short: ainur > all

    no qq about my post please
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    Burglars: Trik, Annessen ...I'm certain there are others, just at this time (while not logged into the game with access to my Friends list) I can't think of more.

    Captains: Banyan, Frenzy, Celebfrid, Tarpon, Cerdric

    Champions: Damallon, Angvoleb, Shrekinator, Pacearryn ...can't think of a 5th at the moment.

    Guardians: Lilwall, Maevollfrid, Cassall, Travisthechimp ...can't think of a 5th at the moment.

    Hunters: Rolasviel, Authiel, Patriotpea, Edwand, Regalpain

    LoreMasters: Silentwhisper, Morefire ...can't think of a 3rd, 4th, or 5th at the moment.

    Minstrels: Endellun, Boerainy, Darksorrow, Cambrendui, Host

    Rune Keepers: Laylith, Andjil, Halall, Silentsam, Dafien

    Wardens: Badol, Lilmssunshine, Enthagar... can't think of a 4th or 5th at the moment.

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    best troll bump evar
    Chocla 95 Minstrel (Fail Ezmoder) ~ Kraurshak R7 Warg (GTA 1v1 Ganker) ~ Qqmoarpls 41 Hunter
    "if i wanted i could go and actually become a lawyer " -belv

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    Quote Originally Posted by LindaMB View Post
    (while not logged into the game with access to my Friends list)
    i think this sums it up


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