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    Lost account and can't contact customer service


    Way back in the day I used to play LOTRO (sometime back in 2010, if I'm not mistaken) but had a fallout. I haven't played in quite a while now and was thinking I might give it a try. Unfortunately, I cannot log in - perhaps due to an incorrect password - and cannot retrieve my password with the "lost password" function. It tells me to enter my username and then it's supposed to send me an email but that email has never reached me, the few times I've tried it. I have whitelisted the correct email-adresses and checked my junk-folder. So I figured I'd just submit a ticket but I never got the verification email with the ticket-number and I'm wary that the ticket might never have gone through. So lastly, I tried calling support (these numbers: http://support.turbine.com/ics/support/contactUs.asp) but that doesn't work either, one gets me to some random person (the 1-855 #) and the other gives me random, earpiercing shrieks. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that I am calling from Sweden?

    Back in the day, I actually bought a life-time subscription (when the game was pay-to-play) so I'd rather not give up on this account. I have all the information, including username, password, secret question and answer but I can't get in touch with any kind of support. What can I do? Can I get in touch with someone here on the forums, or am I doing something wrong or do I just have no chance?

    Thanks in advance for any advice - cheers.

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    The number on that page only works for people living in the USA or Canada. Since you live in Sweden, you need to find out what the international gateway access code is. You put those numbers in front Turbine's telephone number. The very first digit in Turbine's telephone number is the country code. USA is country 1. Sweden is country 46.

    I believe your international gateway access numbers are 00. If I am right, then you would need to dial 00-1-855-924-2637. You should be able to figure out how to dial the other number.
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    Yes, that was it. 00-1-855-924-2637 worked wonderfully. Turns out I missed the account conversion that happened and my account is forever lost. Thanks for the help, anyway, guess I'll just start over, then.

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