This is a brand new kinship!
With a focus on fun, the MEBS is a kin open to any and all people, regardless of race, class, level, or play style. We hope to have light rp, skirms, and general awesomeness and tomfoolery.
We will not tolerate rudeness, harassment, or other nasty things. We wish for this kin to be a good place to turn to, one that provides a haven of sorts from real life (as if LOTRO doesn't already do that, ha!).

So, all together now:
Yes to:
-RP (of all levels, though be aware that ERP or hardcore rp may not be our main focus)
-Skrims and (levels permitting) Raids
-leveling help (or help in general)
-Positivity and fun!

No to:
-General baddies
-Orcs. Sorry.

If you are interested in joining, or would like to know more (as I am terrible at writing these things...), please send a tell or mail to Moramyel.

Hope to hear from you!

{As of this posting, there is one person in the kin. so, yeah. BRAND shiny new.}