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Thread: Whats up freeps

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    Quote Originally Posted by Revanrecast View Post
    We already have it, the orc dying rage!
    Increase DR to 1m duration and activates at 50% health.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZiggyWiggy View Post
    (Insert Zub's wall of text from page one that is far too long to quote here)
    This ^ I know I rarely go out even anymore unless I'm grouped with friends. Soloing is just not fun for me.
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    I rarely go out to the moors and when I do, I usually go out with a few friends because I get bored easily out there because of the whole warg's being all "HEY LOOK! A R1! -pounce-" and I go all "oh yay a warg -.- -waits for stun to go away- -bubbles- -warg runs away because I bubbled-" I how ever do like taking the keeps, it is how I got rank 1 after all :P but as CivitasAciesAld said, I am as well too laggy to be found in action, I basically serve as a warning for my friends, when I start lagging my friends know there's a creep or two around >.>
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    Quote Originally Posted by Diesel33g View Post
    You're so funny.... Like.... Hilarious
    Ill be here all week

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    Additional loud opinion!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Warth View Post
    Additional loud opinion!
    So you agree PCP is OP? Nice to know

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    I guess I group up because it's an MMO: I play it because of the whole 'multiplayer' part. I'm lucky enough to play a class that can both heal and dps... And I decide which one I want to do largely based on group makeup, what we're up against, and/or whether I want to spend the silver to retrait because I'm lazy. I will point out that I wouldn't go into an instance with 6 people without a healer; The same goes for pvmp in my mind. Plus, I have all these fun group skills. Seems a shame to go out there and not share the love with your fellow freeps. If I want to solo, I'll go to CM. IMO, it's not really 'soloing' when you're tagging kills while running along side a big group of other players.

    In response to the OP: What time of the day are you talking about, Torqles? (This is now your new combined name.) And do you count a cappy with an rk healer as two healers when the cappy's traited red line? Just curious.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dagneyandleo View Post
    whether I want to spend the silver to retrait because I'm lazy.
    *highfives lyth* im lazy too!
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    i think my original troll post was either misinterpreted or ignored, for those who misinterpreted i was complaining about how im too lazy to read all those damn paragraphs lol, damn zub you wrote a freakin essay XD but anyways i could give a f*** less bout freeps and creeps QQing, JUST PLAY THE FREAKING GAME!!!!!!
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