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    Glawar en Calidhil - Radiance of the Moonlight [Elven Heavy RP Kinship]

    Glawar en Calidhil is a newly formed Elven kinship, Sister Kinship to Thrice Lucky that supports primarily Elven Role-play.

    Welcome to "Radiance of the Moonlight", a heavy Role-play kinship devoted to Elven Role-play. We can be found on the Laurelin server.

    Despite being a Kinship, we are no in-character group and hold no formal ranking structure to distinguish members.

    Am man theled? (For what purpose?): Our Main goal is modelled after our sister Kinship, Thrice Lucky. Our main goal is to provoke character progression with the help of others through in-character interactions. We aim to create innovative, plot-driven Storylines by introducing Like-minded Role-players to each other and provoking character interaction through them. We accept only Elves, being an Elven kinship, and try to portray the elves of the Third Age as faithfully as we can. Despite being majorly devoted to Role-play, we are also a very laidback and relaxed kinship. Role-players come and go at various times during the day and Role-play sometimes happens spotaneously at any given time. Glawar en Calidhil differs from most other kins in that we are mostly loose, and do not force our members to attend events or participate in on-going Storylines. All are free to create their own Role-play or join other's (With permission of course!) and we strive to help those wishing to learn how to RP as best as we can.

    To join the kinship, we require you to be:

    • An Elf
    • Be willing to learn the lore of Tolkien and Elves. Basic understanding of the world of Middle-earth is highly encouraged.
    • A friendly and sociable person with basic understanding of English Grammar and Language.

    Is this your sort of kinship? If so, then feel free to contact us or apply!

    Tûr ad Caun (Recruiting Officer(s)): Ruthoiel, Naurunir, Idhrelleth, Arivien
    Our website can be found here: Click me!
    (Please feel free to contact us for more information)
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