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    Lore-master and champion

    I have a lore-master and sometimes play her with my husband's champion. They are both around mid-30's level. What strategies should we use to work better as a team?

    I have three skills that can stun or daze - Test of Will, Blinding Flash, and Bane Flare. I try to stun the champion's target if he is only fighting one enemy, or daze the one he is not attacking if he is being attacked by two of them. How does that sound? Also, should he be letting me do some of this first before he attacks?

    I normally have my pet set to attack whatever I attack. But would it better to turn this off while working with a partner so I don't accidentally sic the pet on the enemy I am trying to daze rather than the one who is being attacked first?

    Working with a lore-master is tricky, so I would appreciate any helpful suggestions.
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    First of all i think going full heal/pet spec is the best for teamplay. It allows you to offheal and daze. I usually pull groups of mobs by dazing one and let the champ pick up the rest. You can keep one mob dazed at all times. I suggest you keep your pet on attacking only what you attack . If you notice that your pet aggroes mobs by mistake you can set it on passive. This is useful in narrow dungeons where it is hard to see all mobs.
    Furthermore it's best you let the Champion start to build aggro before you dps. It is best that you mark targets when you have multiple enemies so there will be no breaking of stuns and daze .
    LM is indeed a rather difficult class to play but really rewarding due to the teamplay aspect. I wish you good luck.

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    you should also debuff, debuff, debuff.

    I cant remember which ones you have now, but firelore on the melee targets makes them hit 30% less, which means 30% less damage to the champ (and you). Windlore on the ranged targets makes them miss 50% (untraited) of the time. There are a couple of others but the tool tips can help you figure out when to use them.

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    is hard to talk about a strategy if we don't know your skill and trait

    But for sure send your pet, linxh can be good
    Daze with blinding flash if you can do istant debuff melee damage and burning ember for slow, light of rising is another stun and another burning run and wizard ... don't stop run and stun when you can, use staff and other istant skill when at range



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