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    Loremaster Leveling Questions & Hope


    Recently started a LM and hit 14 to get my bear hoping that would be the turning point for my squishiness and I would be able to have the bear take hits while I DPSd. I find myself either needing to heal the bear and doing very low DPS/debuffing or pulling off the bear very quickly. My question is, is there a way to make the bear tougher to do the job of tanking for me or should I just use the Raven for debuffs? I have always wanted a LM but find leveling so brutal I move on to another character, so my other question is, does it get better? I have a 31 Runekeeper who is fun but not the debuffing, wizard like class I want and I just dont know if I should keep putting time into the LM.


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    Personally I stick with the Raven until the eagle legendary trait at lvl 45, I like the debuffs and it flanks more often as well. Don't like tanking pets, but I'm sure there a slew of people who will passionately disagree/call me a trolling moron. Guess it really depends on your play style.

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    Real curious myself about this subject. Coming from other games with "pet classes" I was expecting a lot more out my Bear than the reality of the situation...Mr. Bear can't hold aggro. He has a Taunt, but it's on a 1m 20s cooldown so it's hardly there when I need it...which is any time I hit the mob with direct damage.

    I switched back to the Raven and I'm gearing for Vit and mitigation/resistance because it seems I'm going to get hit a lot while I wait for the glorious Flank ding. I like the whole flanking thing and I haven't had any problems controlling/fighting even mobs higher than me, but the whole Bear/tank thing is a real disappointment. BTW, I was traiting Hardy Bear or whatever it's called and I even use the aggro/defense bear food. Le sigh...

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    Not really. LM's are always squishy. The solitary hex master just doesn't solo very well, I'm afraid. Works a lot better in a group, with a real tank, that CAN both survive and hold aggro. Very useful support character, in that context. As a soloist, your best time comes just about when you learn to use two weapons ( lvl 50-ish trait?). That gives you a big jump in your dps.

    On the up side, although leveling it is brutal, compared to , say, a champion, it CAN be done. All the way. You will find another good shelter for the LM kicks in at lvl20. It is called 'skirmishes'. Don't bother trying a protector or warrior soldier, however. Use a herbalist and do your own tanking. Sounds bad, but, in practice, it works better than trying to keep a tanking soldier alive with LM's very limited healing. Heck, I wish even my mini had a herbalist, these days.

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    I am relatively new to Lotro and Loremaster is my only character, so I cannot really compare it to other classes, but I find the LM fairly easy to level, solo or otherwise.
    The 'problem' isn't your bear or another pet, it's your level. At level 18, Loremasters get their most powerful non-Legendary damage skill, 'Light of the Rising Dawn'. Up to that point, LM's often have a hard time.
    At higher levels, if you focus on DPS, you can kill single mobs pretty quickly from a distance and beat multiple mobs if you play it smart. Just hold on for a couple more levels!

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    Good replies, thanks guys.

    I'm in it for the long haul with the LM, because I'm just too fond of the Control/Debuff paradigm. It's good to know that good things are coming at 18. I was most definitely looking forward to skirmishes too, and I'd already decided that herbalist would be the first soldier I tried.

    Can't wait. LM Powah!!

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    After you get the lynx lvling starts to get really fun. I have a 42 LM that I am leveling right now and hardly ever use my bear.

    If you are just killing one mob at a time I like to have my pet start combat (lynx has a great little ambush skill) which will keep aggro on it for a second. I prefer to start with cracked earth -> burning embers -> light of the rising dawn/test of will (depending on which is up) -> whatever other damage needs to be done. Depending on your crits, you will take aggro from your pet on burning embers or your stun attack. If you start traiting redline (which, imo, is by far the best for leveling) you will start peeling them earlier. If the mob isnt close to dead after your stun attack then the root on cracked earth should be about to take effect anyway. This allows you to run back a bit and get some more distance. Imp Staff strike is also really helpful with this because if you can get your crit up there is a good chance it will stun the mob.

    If you are killing more than one mob, just mez/root the one you want to put on hold. If you trait pretty far into the red line, however, your mezzes will last for much less time. Fortunately, by that time you will probably have Herblore which is a 40m range aoe root. This is great for taking care of non ranged mobs.

    And lastly, don't be afraid to go toe to toe with mobs if thats whats going win. Pop your lore debuffs and if you need to use wisdom of the council.

    Edit: Also, don't listen to anyone who recommends using an herbalist while leveling. While it is true they are the most viable option for skraids at max lvl, there is no reason one should need them while leveling. Archer/sage/warrior are all great options for leveling with (I personally use a warrior). You just have to keep them decently leveled.
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    As has been said once you get your lynx pet you will find that you dont use anything else, and maybe traiting deep into blue line which has a greater effect on your pet and using the legendary pet skill noble savage will make a lot of difference to your pets damage, aggro ability (due to its DPS) and survivability.

    As has been said LMs are hard work untill you start to get your legendary skills at lvl 50 from then on tho they shine imo

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    Stick with it, if you can make it to the 40s with your LM, you will have it licked and will love it. The bear, I've never used for a "tank". I find as someone said, in the earlier levels that the raven is more useful. I even pulled my raven out for Mirkwood, and used him almost exclusively there.If you just pull out a pet (the bear) and expect a tank while you just stand there, you are missing some of the finer points of being a LM. The eagle was fun, no doubt, but these days I find myself playing with my Bog guardian, because of the trait line I chose, and it works well for me. I am not a powerhouse of damage, but I survive really well solo just standing back and debuffing and burning them down while my guardian takes the aggro. The LM can be a pain to level up, but take it slow and learn everything you have in your arsenal and you will find, the LM to be one of the more powerful classes to play. Don't think you have to "stick" to one trait line either, switch them up and see what works best for you and what is the Most fun.. Sometimes I just go and trait all Master of natures fury and go out and just stomp things for the fun of it..No one says you have to trait a certain way.. and when you switch it up, its a whole new game..Just pure fun..Good luck with your LM and have fun too! Fun is the first priority. But, you could do what I did, when I found the sweat of frustration dripping from my brow, I PARKED the LM and went to an alt for a couple days . =) kept me from burning out on it so to speak. PS, just as Aristabillio said, I also use a warrior with my LM for Skirmishes. Almost forgot one thing, If you are fond of the bear, and a lot of people are, as you level your bear will get new abilities too, one is a threat call that can potentially grab aggro, I'm sorry but I don't remember at what level the bear gets this , or if It has changed to where it already comes with it, it's been a long time since I was lvl 14, if someone knows, but I'm not sure.
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    Couple of practical pointers that might help in the early levels.

    Whilst the Bear is, as others have said, kinda rubbish at holding aggro on your target, it's true value comes in its ability to survive holding another target. Switch off "help master" option when you're using it, command it to attack one target, you attack another - heck, you're a Loremaster, so blinding flash a third mob. If you've traited for the pet with the blue line, the effectiveness of the bear will pay out.

    His aggro skill is a lifesaver. Pop it whenever you "must" get an induction off, and you get a few seconds to cause an earthquake or heal Laila.

    One other point - the bear's dps isn't actually all that bad. There used to be a detailed parse thread comparing all the pets, and bear had one of the highest flank rates in terms of flanks generated and a passable dps.

    The levelling speed doesn't improve enormously, but if you run alts you'll find that once you get the hang of a LM it can do things that no other class can, and is really quite versatile as a solo or grouper. I found my enjoyment of my LM increased after level 30, so much so that I've just rolled a second LM, crazy guy that I am.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sarlinspellweaver View Post
    I found my enjoyment of my LM increased after level 30, so much so that I've just rolled a second LM, crazy guy that I am.
    Me too. My main is a level 75 LM, (I also have level 75 hunter and warden), but I have just started another LM who is level 13 and having a blast.

    Life is harder at lower levels, but think of it as a challenge and it is well worth it.

    But forget the idea of a tanking bear - it doesn't work at low level and it isn't the best option at high level either.

    You are the tank - especially when you get the cool-down free Wizard's Fire to reap your flank heals.

    Until then, console yourself that you are playing an Advanced class, and revel in the difficulty. (Which really isn't all that difficult in reality, just not as faceroll easy as some other classes).

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    Some very good pointers came up, so I hope not to sound repetitive here. I'll try to be brief as I could talk on and on about LM's.

    -Induction times make it difficult to adjust to playing an LM. It may take a while to figure out when to pop off what skill. If you need to, practice those skill rotations on trash mobs till you feel more confident.
    -Things start to look up pet-wise after your (lv 20 I think) class quest, when you get hardy companion.
    -ALWAYS keep that pet fed! Use SoP:R to increase attack and SoP:P if he's going down too fast.
    -Switch pets up to see which works for what mobs. Raven won't take 3 hits early on, but is great for ranged and fire-weak mobs.
    -The bear is best thought of less as a tank, and more of crowd control. As stated above, try having the bear attack for a few seconds, debuff(and debuff and debuff!), and rotate among DoT attacks, status attacks like ToW, DPS, mezzes/roots and melee. Use Roaring Challenge if you start taking too much aggro. It can be a balancing act for sure.
    -As also stated above, don't be shy to use your blinding flash! In a really tough situation this can buy you some time to heal up a bit.
    -Use staff strike whenever possible. Master of the Staff will become one of your best assets.
    -Don't be afraid to run and throw a few fireballs as you flee!

    I didn't feel I hit my stride as an LM until about level 25-30, but I am in love with it now. Things will improve!
    Please feel free to PM me here on the forums with any questions. If you're on Crickhollow I'd be happy to give you a hand any time Hang in there and have fun!

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    1.) use your debuffs and CC(firelore, windlore, sign of power command, cracked earth, blinding flash...)
    2.) Forget the bear. He gets better at Lvl 65+ (cause he's the only pet with scaling damage over 65)
    3.) use the raven for flanks, benediction of the raven and missdebuff, don't put distraction on autocast (the rven won't flank while channeling)
    4.) Don't use more than 3 red traits while leveling. (not before you slot improved sticky gourd). Master of the Staff, Flame of Arnor, Harmony with Nature are the best ones.
    5.) Fast Loader and Healer als useful while leveling. (instantmezz and +10% flankheals and Wisdom of the Council)

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    I found leveling my LM to be a CHORE. I really did not enjoy it at all. However now at 75 it is a blast to play in groups and raids. It is one of those classes where the real utility is in the endgame, not leveling.

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    bear is a tough pet to master, and it's more difficult when you first get it and it does not have all its pet skills yet. Your bear isn't going to be they type of tank that can hold aggro off you permanently. but it can be pretty great at holding its own against 1 or 2 targets and drawing attention away from you to give you space to cast.

    There are lots of tips out there for early levelling - i'd say the biggest are to find a high dps staff, and earn and slot staff strike as early as you can and boost your vit. melee staff use (including auto attacks) is important early when you don't have a great variety of dps skills. you'll get more casting-type dps skills - and they're pretty awesome, but melee staff use makes up a big part of your dps early. As for stats, ultimately you'll want up your will/fate/tactical rating - but early on, if you're not grouping much focus on vit - power is not usually an issue in early fights.

    good luck and enjoy!



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