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    Looking for a kin, preferably Dwarf orientated


    So, I've been gone from the game for many a year but I've decided to come back (lifetime sub, you can imagine how many points I have!) and boy, things are different. So I've started from scratch with a Minstrel and am looking for a family friendly / real life understanding / adult (in age way) kin.

    RP is great, but good people is more important.

    If anyone can suggest such a place for me to relearn the game and spend my hours fishing, I'm be most happy.

    Thanks, all.

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    Hi there and welcome back!

    There are three Dwarven Rp kins that I know of: Durin's Folk, Barak Kharad and the recently formed The company of Thorin's Hall.

    Durin's folk seem to be everywhere which is great, and I gather there holding some dwarf only event this week - so that might be a good place to check them and the others out.

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    Hail and greetings! Ye we're holding Ales & Tales on Thursday and Saturda and Sunday we're holding the Harnkegger's Fest. You are welcome to join us and the merrymaking of course.
    Both militaristic and ordinary everyday dwarrow matters in Durin's Folk.
    [CENTER][SIZE=3][COLOR=red]Duinn Drakenbane of The Lonely Mountain[/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER]
    [CENTER][COLOR=blue]Lord of the Kinship of [URL="http://durinsfolk.mmoguildsites.com/"]Durin's Folk[/URL][/COLOR][/CENTER]



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