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    What stats are the most important for a LM?

    The stats I've been concentrating for my LM in order of importance has been

    Will > Tactical Mastery > Crit > Vitality

    I might actually consider Vit more important than Crit, and maybe even Tac Mastery.

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    Depends what you want to do.

    For general faceroll (landscape, instances foundry/rof etc) will, vitality, masteries from wherever you can get, crit. Pretty much what you mentioned.
    If you want to take it to raiding then vitality, finesse, morale become your most important stats in that order. With end game gear you should be able to get high levels of those without damaging your will & masteries too much.

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    Let's not forget fate... power regen in combat and it contributes significantly to crit chance.
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    Will & Tact Mastery -> Vitality & Mitigations -> ICPR & Fate -> Morale & crit

    For me.
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    On debuff crit are totally useless like damage.

    Form me raid/debuff finesse is the must.

    You debuff never be resisted !
    Vitality for survive
    Will for power
    Fate help inregeneration but if you need power you have drain+pots enought !

    On Dps

    Will increase all damage
    crit must important for lore master, long CD and induction need crit else you will do a shame damage with normal crit
    finesse same point, long cd /induction you can't miss any hit or will lose a lot of damage
    fate power regen and crit

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    Quote Originally Posted by BirdofHermes View Post
    Will & Tact Mastery -> Vitality & Mitigations -> ICPR & Fate -> Morale & crit

    For me.
    Totally agree .

    Altough I would put

    Morale & Fate > Icpr & Crit

    at the end .
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