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    Rogue Herald at the Prancing Pony

    Just showed up some time ago.
    It is not mine.
    Did the bartender get extra protection or is it a Bree protester?
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    There was a bear named JohnLocke in the middle of Galtrev on Gladden a few weeks ago. It was unattackable, unhealable, and just stayed there sitting and standing in its normal idle animations. We found the offending LM and she had a twin bear following her . I think it's just an amusing bug. It disappeared after a dayish.
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    Haha! yes I saw this a while ago...
    It seemed to be some weird glitch, but I assumed it would disappear after a while...

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    The Herald/Bree Protester is on the Gladden server, too! Today I tried some emotes on him, to try to give him the idea that he should be moving along, when all of a sudden I was stuck in combat mode! I even tried /stuck and /unstuck but it didn't work, I was still locked in combat mode. I did find out that you can use the "toast" emote while in combat--but you get stabbed in the face by your weapon! It was all back to normal after I logged out and logged back on.

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    There's one at the Bree West Gate in Landroval for several days now. I was wondering if she was part of the Bree Welcoming Committee. XD

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    Oh, bummer! After the update on Monday, "Manny" the Man-at-Arms Herald is gone!



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