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Thread: A Hunter's Tale

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    A Hunter's Tale

    So I'm sitting outside of EC, tracking wargs with my main man Patriot and next thing you know


    And Lythiea and Vahnya are both sitting in EC and FREAK OUT


    So then we load up on fire oils and take our revenge!

    But then I get called out for being a fail hunter, and I 1v1 a warg up at Candy Mountain! I get wrecked ;( BUT I GET PRETTY DARN CLOSE TO KILLING HIM, but he aint gonna take no hunter respect!

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    So to feel better I sit in EC and pew pew! And I dance the night away.

    And the next morning I'm feeling pretty good about myself, I'm rocking a decent rating and then BAM WARG GANK AGAIN RIGHT AS I'M ABOUT TO BURN HOT SOME FREAVER OUT OF THE SKY

    And Lyth is just sitting on vent saying...

    And then I tell her how many wargs ganked me and she skeedaddles on outta there!

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    Dear mr. Creep do you think you can kill Lyth?


    But when im trying to dps down any decent creep

    they just laugh at me
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    Too fat, too furious!

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    Aw. I love ya guys!
    Lythiea of Dwarrowdelf, Member of Asylum - R8 85 RK
    Alts: Selenicereus, 85 guard, Castria, 85 cap, Fiordiligi, 82 LM, Minilyth, 75 mini, and Lythfiler, r6 filer.



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