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    Lights of Middle Earth is recruiting

    Hello, I just made a kinship call Lights of Middle Earth. It is a community type kinship where anyone can join. You can be any race, class and level. Whatever Lotro has for in-game activites, we support it. If you like crafting, raiding, socializing or something else, we will accept you. The only time we won't accept you is if you are rude, disrespectful, offense and/or otherwise causes harm to other people. We also don't allow inappropriate talk.

    Right now, our website isn't much, but in time it will improve.
    Our website: http://lightme.webs.com/

    You don't have to submit any applications. The only major requirement other than what was stated above, is that you play on the Arkenstone server of Lotro. Please send me, Untheroth, an in-game tell if you want to join.

    Thank you!
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    Please join the kinship! I need a minimum of eight people by the end of Thursday. Just send an in-game tell to Untheroth if you want to join.

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    Hehe, just realized you can't send me a tell if I'm offline. Just me a message here and tell me your character name and I'll send an invite in the game.

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    Jun 2012

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    Grantborn, do you want to join?

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    I need more active players to get it going! Send me a mail in-game to set up a time for you and me to meet so I can invite you! Lights of Middle Earth is a Christian kinship, and anyone can join! Yes, even Atheists or Muslims. Anyone is welcome!



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