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    Weatherstock music

    It's been roughly a year since young Phedelene joined Andúnië, and, greatly inspired by meeting kindred spirits, started submitting compositions to the ensemble.

    Some are more accessible than others (*cough* Helix variations *cough*). Maybe Middle Earth just isn't ready for your atonal experiments yet dear Phedelene! But, by and large, I think she can stand by her music being true both to her own musical ideas as well as not being overly stereotypical.

    My count says 22 compositions till date, I would have liked 52, but she's lazy (and always spends way too much time dreaming about a young girl who always spends way too much time dreaming while growing up among the nuns, but in the end she gets married to some rich guy named Von Trapp who coincidentally happens to have a somewhat soft but quite pleasant baritone)!

    It has been a wonderful year! I like to think she has found a niche in Middle-Earth that fits her nicely. She always strives to collect and record as many local music and dance customs as possible wherever her travels take her. A polite and open minded wanderer carrying a lute (and fashionable head attire!) is rarely unwelcome anywhere. And she has enjoyed every second, culminating in the MVT Nost event world premiere of the Ent song and Andúnië playing her music at Weatherstock. I hope she will always be allowed to continue working with Andúnië and playing for Free Peoples everywhere!

    But - she told me last night that she insists on giving back a couple of her compositions as a small token of gratitude to the community she has enjoyed so much and which has embraced her so warmly.

    Knowing full well that Hell hath no Fury like a Woman scorned, and maybe never more so than when said lady is barely out of her (relative) teens, I am too old and wise to hold her back from doing something she has her mind so firmly set on. So without further ado, here are 2 of the 3 Phedelene compositions from Weatherstock. She says you can't have the drum one because she's not totally pleased with it, sorry.

    They carry no copyright claims from Phedelene (or me), so feel free to do with the music what you want.

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