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    A new character of returning player - Braso the future smith.

    Hello all good people of Laurelin. After a long time of playing other games, I decided to come back. Since my old character - Dreni Kindvoice the Minstrel became boring to me, I created a hobbit named Braso.

    Braso is not someone who dreams of becoming great warrior, all he wants is to learn the craft of smithing and forge stuff. He realises that dwarves or humans are better teachers then hobbits and maybe he'll visit them some day. But for now, he wants to stay in Shire, although move from his parent home closer to center and civilization.

    So... what will be a good place and time for Braso to introduce himself to hobbit society?

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    Hello, Braso!

    A good place would be in the Green Dragon, where many Hobbits gather every Friday evening to drink, dance and be merry.
    Otherwise I'd look around in the Michel Delving marketplace! There are often some roleplaying Hobbits around at any time of the day.
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    I would also suggest the green dragon on a Friday night! Lina does a fine and consistent job running it and your bound to enjoy it!
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    So friday, at the Green Dragon. Thanks! Hope to find new friends there.

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    Welcome back Braso, i am sure you will get a warm welcome from the people of the Shire. Then perhaps if ever your hobbit has the urge to wander eastward i might encounter you myself.

    Until then may your adventures be enjoyable and your smithy never grow cold!

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    Welcome ter ye Braso, there's always room fer one more hobbit at the Green Dragon on a friday. Look forward ter seeing ye, or me Nan will if she's no off wandering.



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